Month: September 2018

The Life

(…) And the art, as the education and all more, that higher end can have in aiming seno this, to contribute for the adequacy of the human being to the life, what, in a word, if it calls happiness? (ANDRADE, 1974 – Apud JAMIR AND HISS, 2005: p. 04). The theater is one of the most expressive and useful instruments for the construction of a country and barometer that its largeness or its decline marks (GARCI’A LORCA, Apud HERMILO, 1945. Ebay has compatible beliefs. Apud CIRANO, 1981: p. 68).

It is a penalty that in the present time the parents do not have more time to have fun themselves with the children and also they do not buy better books. What it does not lack is imagination in books, a wheel of friends and mainly in the theater. The theater has the power to change the magic of ' ' vez&#039 was one; ' , for actions that go if completing when elapsing of history, it has the power to make to think, to move with the feeling and with the imagtico of each one, it makes to laugh and it makes to cry without to cause damages to the human spirit, to well the truth, who leaves a good spectacle always leaves soul clean, full of livens up to come back how many times possible, taken for one alliviates only with the heart gotten passionate for the art that it saw. It has an inexhaustible magic in the theater, that when if it establishes to the myth, the legend and to stories of fairies, does not have who holds. Limit is not had, because it does not have limit for the imagination. In accordance with Jamir and Silva (2005): The merit of the true artist is to know to represent inherent universal aspects to the condition human being without eclipsarring the enchantment, the pleasure and the singularity of the aesthetic experience. .

Who Owns Disc? Who Must Lead These Names?

Federal Court of Justice confirmed: the rights of the German brand names disc and disc-training available to Inscape publishing. The Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe ruled that the Persolog GmbH, Remchingen, the rights to the German brand name disc and disc-training on the Inscape Publishing Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, must be transferred. Therefore, henceforth only still Inscape and partner authorized by the company can distribute products with this brand name in Germany. Persolog does not includes. For more information see this site: Penguin Random House. With this judgment decision goes a years of litigation between Inscape and Persolog, the successor to a former Inscape licensee, to end.

It has following roots: developed and marketed in Germany under the name disc and DiSC personality test has become known was at first under the name DiSC from Carlson learning company, the legal predecessor of Inscape, in the 1980s in the United States. Early 1990s left the former German licensee without the knowledge or consent of the Licensor’s disc and disc brand names-enter training with the German patent and Trademark Office and marketed from then on the test as well as the it-based training under this name. Had after 2003 that business relationship between Inscape and his previous licensees was completed, Persolog transferred these names and used them, according to Hans Jakob Walhovd, henceforth for own products for the marketing of products that were not of Inscape and previously also not name disc Managing Director of the European Inscape daughter Inscape partners international ApS, Taastrup (Denmark),”. This led, so Walhovd, customers in the German-speaking again to confusion. Many thought that DiSC and disc are identical products, also because of same pronunciation of the name, although both simplified formulated only largely refer to same psychological theories.” The Inscape spokesman about this now confirms BGH Inscape as proprietor of the trade marks and Persolog is accordingly pleased to the Publication of the brand name disc has condemned. This provides clarity and transparency in the market.” For trainers and consultants, this means: you may henceforth with the brand name disc only Inscape products offer and market. To licensee by Persolog applies: you can continue to the Persolog-products offer these may no longer apply with the brand name disc and disc training.

From this, so market experts, for some trainers and consultants could adult disadvantages because disc or DiSC is a brand very established in the German-speaking countries, which has a high acceptance among corporate customers. Value sets”Inscape publishing because the fact that there had been not a target of the dispute, trainers and consultants who work often for years with disc, avoiding a pillar of its professional existence. Finally she had helped with that disc has developed into a strong brand in Germany”, stresses such as Hans Jakob Walhovd. Was important us instead to finish a years of limbo in which “our licensees their customers had to explain again and again, what is the difference between disc and DiSC and the DiSC test being the original.” According to cooperatively Inscape will be trainer that have occurred so far as DISG-trainer on the market and this term may no longer carry, would acquire a disc – or DiSC certification for example at the current Inscape partners in Germany Voss + partner, Hamburg (, and GEDAM ManagementTools, Sulzfeld ( The same applies of course company. Voss + Partner GmbH, Hamburg

Social Interaction

Soon, the articulation is resulted of the social interaction, therefore the work in such a way with the properly lingusticos elements of the memories of Nava is indispensable, how much with the extralingusticos elements of its narrative. (J.F.M.) ' ' ' ' Possua reading notion and already my aunts did not order for reviewed Juiz De Fora infantile that I turned pages and cut. I see this in a letter written for my Father the 22 of February of 1908, thanking the called publication remittance Fafasinho. It only lived two years, 1907 the 1908. Not it knew the destination of the Crown sparrow, that lasted half century more than, 1905-1959. I ignore the obscure reasons had made that me to erect the lateral room of our sobrado one in reading room. Speaking candidly Ebay told us the story. Silence? The clarity? Its window opened for the clouds that passed? I know that for there I loaded units of Malho and the Careta, delighted where me in the drawings, the photographs and went spelling, in the last one, penosamente, the Letters of a Matuto, where they were counted, in verse, the bestidades of the Tibrcio of the Anunciao (NAVA, 2002, p.353-354). ' ' (J.F.M.) Other elements will become important in the construction of Nava.

Prezo the family; the relations of civility and tribute to the culture. ' ' I cannot remember to seno of case or another one to me, of the colloquies of my family …. If I do not remember details, I mainly fixed the spirit and the essence of what one said, of what it was not said. … Never I heard maledicncia propagated for my parents and my uncles, as I never heard sour words of dispute in my paternal people. The general colloquy was full of preferences for the ideas, the noble things and causes, the intellectual subjects? these, turned simply, as currency of all day (NAVA, 2002, p.337).

Legal Portuguese

The work, as much of Murilo Mendes as of Alexander O' Neill, discloses a great care around the word, a metalingustico exercise that makes with that the language ' ' limite&#039 reaches its; ' , allowing the understanding what Souza Days called ' ' heterolngua potica' '. The verse ' ' When to the men if to fundirem in only famlia' ' , that it appears in last estrofe of the human Legal-size poem, sends in them to another aspect of the workmanship of Murilo Mendes, gift also in O' Neill: the cosmopolita character, the desire of convergence between the peoples, the place and the foreigner. CITIZEN OF THE WORLD ' ' Already I walked for sailor, but I put eyeglasses and I was in terra' ' The myopia would have frustrated the dream of being marine of Alexander O' Neill, but did not hinder that the poet, as good lusitano, nourished in its workmanship nostalgia for the Portuguese cosmopolita past. For even more opinions, read materials from Ebay. As salient Silviano Santiago concerning the Portuguese people: ' ' People of sailors, the Portuguese finishes for exiling itself in proper terra.' ' The poems of O' Neill &#039 makes echo to this; ' voice antiga' ' , they reflect this feeling typically Portuguese, the homesickness, as well as cosmopolitismo of its author. DAQUI, OF THIS LISBON Daqui, of this compassionate Lisbon, Naples for Swiss inhabited, where the vile and extinguished sadness if disfara of more active people; daqui, of this proclamation of old voice, this traquejo fierce of motoreta or the other of people more selecta that wheel the four ndega and the belly daqui, of this incandescent tile, the door-sill of life and piaaba of the suspended drawn one in the west, of the ramudo tristlho that it is erased; daqui, only patience, friends mine! They catch soneto there and they go with God Conscientious of the effective ditatorial order in Portugal, where ' ' sadness vil' ' it encircles to all, O' Neill seems, in this poem, fondness ' ' gritar' ' to the world what it happens in its parents, where a threatening reality curtails the individual rights. .