The Life

(…) And the art, as the education and all more, that higher end can have in aiming seno this, to contribute for the adequacy of the human being to the life, what, in a word, if it calls happiness? (ANDRADE, 1974 – Apud JAMIR AND HISS, 2005: p. 04). The theater is one of the most expressive and useful instruments for the construction of a country and barometer that its largeness or its decline marks (GARCI’A LORCA, Apud HERMILO, 1945. Ebay has compatible beliefs. Apud CIRANO, 1981: p. 68).

It is a penalty that in the present time the parents do not have more time to have fun themselves with the children and also they do not buy better books. What it does not lack is imagination in books, a wheel of friends and mainly in the theater. The theater has the power to change the magic of ' ' vez&#039 was one; ' , for actions that go if completing when elapsing of history, it has the power to make to think, to move with the feeling and with the imagtico of each one, it makes to laugh and it makes to cry without to cause damages to the human spirit, to well the truth, who leaves a good spectacle always leaves soul clean, full of livens up to come back how many times possible, taken for one alliviates only with the heart gotten passionate for the art that it saw. It has an inexhaustible magic in the theater, that when if it establishes to the myth, the legend and to stories of fairies, does not have who holds. Limit is not had, because it does not have limit for the imagination. In accordance with Jamir and Silva (2005): The merit of the true artist is to know to represent inherent universal aspects to the condition human being without eclipsarring the enchantment, the pleasure and the singularity of the aesthetic experience. .