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Traditional Marketing

Continuation of the traditional Marketing article Yes, but also marketing on the Internet for which online reputation management?: 90% of Internet users see only the first three pages of results of a search engine. The reputation on the Internet is nothing more than reputation has always troubled companies, but enlarged and augmented by the terms and conditions of the network: speed, accessibility, gratuity, anonymity, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in traditional marketing companies tend to worry about listening to customers (in particular, when they have been dissatisfied)continuously improve the image of products and services through advertising, improving procedures for communication in the Internet marketing, mechanisms of action are the same and to carry them out, must track the information that customers, poured about us what is not achieved but with a search activated throughout the network. The problem with many companies is that they expect to have a crisis, when started a smear campaign that has caused practically irreparable damage. Learn more at: Vera Farmiga. These campaigns can be launched by a dissatisfied customer a former employee the logical thing is staying alert and try to correct the consequences at the time at which begins the problem, not to wait for the first three pages that appear on your company on the Internet, contain negative information. Who controls paper, controls the information, if this proverb extrapolated it into the digital age, who controls the contents of the network, controls the information. While you read this article, your potential clients may be looking for you on the Internet what information you want to find?. Wendy Holman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If there is a crisis like the one described above you are ready to solve it?

National Association

These figures are due to the rise in the price of tickets and the extra amount that you pay for the 3-d format. The number of tickets sold rose by 1% compared to the summer of 2010. Despite the current weak economy, cinema remains the first and more affordable option of entertainment outside the home, according to Fithian. The American box-office this summer broke a new record enter $ (3,126 million euro) 4.4 billion, thus announced Thursday the National Association of U.S. movie theaters owners. Learn more at this site: Mark Wahlberg. The number of tickets sold rose by 1% compared to the summer of 2010. By fifth consecutive summer barrier of $ 4 billion, exceeded the entity explained.

Thus, this summer has sold 546 million entries. To collect this information took into account the revenues obtained by the films released between the first weekend in May until the past weekend holiday of labour day. These figures are due to the rise in the price of inputs and a the extra amount that is paid by the 3D format, but not to the number of people who come to the cinemas, which in the summer of 2010 reached its worst figure since 1997 after a fall continued during the past three years. In full with a weak economy and 9% unemployment rate, worth noting that the film industry can continue to grow their revenues, said the President of the Organization, John Fithian. Frequently Dina Powell has said that publicly. Together with our partners in distribution, cinemas offer a great entertainment in modern facilities and at reasonable prices, he added. Fithian noted that regardless of the strength or weakness of the economy of the country, cinema remains the first and more affordable option of entertainment outside the home.

Given that there are up to 13 movies in 3D, more than ever, and a series of releases of the most powerful in years, I believe that the record of the past year, will exceed predicted in may Paul Dergarabedian, President of Box Office section of the portal specialized,, in statements to. The figure obtained in the summer of 2010 was 4,350 million dollars (3090 million euros). That mark broke the previous record, achieved in 2009 and which amounted to 4,250 million. Source of the news: Hollywood again beat record of fund-raising in summer, despite the crisis

Investigate Presumed Irregularities

The Large stone bench National Alliance presented/displayed a Motion of Daily routine N 8188, in which the member Congressmen of the Parliamentary Group National Alliance, through its Directive Spokesman Congressman Walter Menchola Vsquez, they decided to ask for the conformation of a Special Commission, ordered of Investigar the presumed Irregularities committed in the Subscription, Formalization and Execution of Contracts of Operation, Exploration, Transport, Distribution and others related to the Gas of Camisea. This Special Commission will be also in charge of Investigar the Expedition of Norms and Regulations that could harm the interests of the Peruvian State. It is possible to indicate that this Motion is based on the shelter that offers the Constitution to the Congress of the Republic to initiate, within the exercise of its supervise work, investigations on any subject of public interest. Also, our Constitution establishes that renewable the Natural Resources and no renewable is Patrimony of the Nation and the S-state sovereign of its Advantage. The Large stone bench of National Alliance has expressed, of this form, its deep preoccupation on the subject of the Gas of Camisea, considering that during the time passed, included from the subscription of contracts to the present time, has appeared a series of denunciations that they would demonstrate that the reserves in the gasferos lots are much smaller to those than it was anticipated to find. Of another side, it is necessary among others to count on this Special Commission that it can investigate, subjects, the modifications that have undergone so much the legal frame as the tie contracts, modifications that would have harmed the Peruvian State, and therefore illegally benefitted the involved operators. Perhaps check out Dina Powell for more information. The Ministry of Energy and Mines already has accepted that comes renegotiating contracts in order to assure the internal market, existing the evidence of a potential shortage of supplies of the power resource to future, which is immersed in the local market and is export product abroad. Original author and source of the article..

Ear Humming

All we have almost undergone sometimes a sensation of humming in the ear, although the same disappears few minutes later. Nevertheless when this humming is constant we faced tinnitus, a pathology that even generates symptoms annoying getting to interfere in the daily life of suffers those who it. If we spoke of the causes of the humming in the ear, we must say that they can be many. In case he is spontaneous and it disappears few minutes later, the probable cause but is the exhibition at levels of sounds or music very lifted, the changes of pressure and the wax presence in the ear. You have felt surely it after one night of celebration or after having been near very noisy machinery. But the causes of the humming in the ear that appear in permanent form, the same can have different origins.

It has been verified that the medecine use certain is one of the causes of the humming in the ear. This symptom sometimes disappears with the suspension of the ingestion but in other cases, it ends up generating tinnitus. It is important to also emphasize, that the age is a factor that plays a very important roll in this pathology being the elderly people undergo who it mainly. This must to that the age brings about deterioration of the auditory nerve being able to produce the appearance of hummings. Perhaps but the population of more risk is the workers of heavy and noisy machineries. It has been possible to determine that who work during many set out years to sounds of great intensity and without protection, they develop some type of tinnitus finally.

The specialists recommend to avoid on exhibition during periods prolonged to strong sounds. This must that the disease has begun to declare in the young population, because many of them listen to music very high volumes, as much in places closed as by means of the use of earpieces. There is a well-known but very effective method little that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear for always.

Soviet Production

The vast Soviet space possesss diverse metallic ore and mineral fuel deposits, that if they inscribe between the biggest quantities of reserves of the world. The petroliferous deposits make use more than of 4 billion tons, that is in such a way how much the reserves of the United States. Whenever Amazon drone delivery listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The great rivers notadamente Siberians represent an enormous potential of energy production hydroelectric plant. The great industrial nuclei are separate one of the others, for hundreds of kilometers. The Soviet economy, since 1927, is subjects to the state plans. Marlene Dietrich often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The first plans, that had, as objective the take-off, and in particular, creation of a modern industry plain had been centered relatively simple of mobilization of the mineral resources, of assembly of a siderurgy and an equipment industry that had at the same time function of strategical industry.

In ten years, the production of the equipment goods, said weighed industry, increased the six eight times. The production of aluminum increased ten times after World War II. The Soviet industry was diversifying and complicating. The production of consumption good equally increased in considerable ratios durantes these same ten years. The Soviet Union continues to buy good of use in the exterior and is exporting of equipment good.

The first industrial groups are in return of the capital Are Petersburgo that would be substituted by Moscow becoming a region of transformation industry. During a first phase of industrialization of the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, to this respect abandoning during the previous period, argument for the effort was to the installation of a heavy industry capable to supply to the production of the means of production of each nation for the use of its national resources in energy. Since 1957, one more flexible economic policy is applied. Each country develops inside before everything the industries that agree its ways and appeal, of the picture of the Advice of Mutual Economic Assistance.


In my life I learned many things, some I learned alone, others with somebody or in group. For example, when embryo I learned to breathe d underneath? gua. Already it drinks I learned to smile, to cry, to enxergar colors, movements, to hear and to recognize the voice of my parents, I learned to saborear maternal milk. With the time I learned to walk, to speak, to break things and with the time I started to read to write, to add, to deduct, to multiply, to divide, glue it, to cut, to draw, to color, to mount, to disassemble, to swim, to sing and to kiss. After that I learned to play ball, video-game, to beat, to apanhar, to loan and to catch loaned, to walk in the center of So Paulo, as much of bus as of meter, I learned to give I change, I change to receive it, I learned computer science, a profession, to clean, to wash clothes, wares, learned to cook, I learned truth, the certain the made a mistake one, since 2001, more necessarily in day 21/04. With this everything what I made was extinguished and again passed to be recounted and you to me sent where since 30/12/2007 I learned to love, to give of me, exactly to somebody so wonderful as you to make and you happy..

Public Hospital

Already between the aged ones, the atmospheric pollution has been associated to the increase of the morbidade (internment) and mortality in such a way for respiratory illnesses how much for cardiovascular illnesses (MARTINS et al., 2003). The diagnosis is based on clinical history and evaluation of physical examination of the patient through auscultates of the lung with the objective to identify to sounds as snores, chiados and other noises that can indicate the pneumonia presence. They are requested rays-x and cat scan of the thorax to confirm the presence of the illness as well as the localization and extension. Requested also complementary examinations the example of hemocultura, hemograma, urea, electrolytes, glicemia, urea and creatinina; transaminases, microbiology of escarro and others (ROCK et al., 2000). For in such a way, it is necessary that the assistance given to this customer is emphasized in the therapeutical one indicated. When receiving the patient with pneumonia, knows in such a way to evaluate the signals and symptoms in the emergenciais situations of attendance, how much also during the treatment in the hospital environment.

He fulfills to be intent to the clinical manifestations, as well as observing the complications decurrent of the pneumonia and, if possible, identifying precociously. Of this form, subsidies will be supplied the planning of therapeutical (the SMELTZER; BARE, 2005). The carried through research is justified for being understood the necessity to know if the Profile epidemiologist of patients interned with pneumonia in Public Hospital in Is Luis-HARM. In this direction, importance is distinguished it to characterize the infections of the inferior respiratory treatment in children. To know the main infections of the respiratory treatment, detaching the pneumonia, being a serious illness and of distinct etiology, that it needs a diagnosis that classifies it how much its type, however its diagnosis normally is made only through clinical data and epidemiologists. They are situations that can harm the therapeutical one adopted for the professional.

Hospital Ethics

The professional of the health if all comes across the time with its proper life, placing each according to its physical health and psychological at risk constant, she develops conflicts and frustaes, she distresses and behaviors you prevented, impotncias, distrusts to commit errors, fast consultations, cold words and attitudes and suffering. The nursing is the art of care, and as cuidador, admires the work that comes being developed that it is for minoraras difficulties, and does not increase them in this long priesthood. We believe that the perfectioning is an obligation of that if it keeps to the front, must walk with security and decide clearly with thoughts objective and, therefore I oppose, without definitions, we will not walk, we will only multiply steps without reaching objectives. The nursing service is dedicated to the recovery and the promotion of the health, of the life, therefore the attention to the cares is the attention for the managemental capacity. Co-author: Sandra Valria

Sade Health

The cells of the vascular endotlio, located in derme, express adhesion molecules that circulating linfcitos T capture they assist and them in the migration for fabric (ROBBINS; COTRAN, 2004). 3.2.O SUS in the Treatment of the Psoriase the Health department directly develops action by means of partnerships or with the States and Cities for purchase and medicine distribution, this goes of strategical medicines of basic the pharmaceutical assistance, medicines, the bonanza medicines for mental health and calls, that they are those necessary ones for the specific treatment of determined illnesses, as diabetes, arterial hipertenso, hansenase, psorase, malaria and those of high controlled cost and use. The Only System of Health, supplies to medicines the population gratuitously, is in the constitution: All Brazilian citizen has right the health. More what great part of the population does not know is that in this right also includes, beyond the medical and hospital attendance, medicines, gratuitously (CONASS, 2003). 3.2.1.Carta of Rights ' ' Letter of the Rights of the Users of the Sade' ' it brings information, so that the citizen knows and uses its rights in the hour to look attendance of health, in it these described six basic principles of citizenship that assures the Brazilian population the worthy ingression in the health systems, either public or private it. The Letter is a very important tool so that the citizen knows its rights and, thus, helps Brazil to have a more effective system of health (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2000). Principles of the Letter: 1.Todo citizen has right to the access commanded and organized to the health systems. 2.Todo citizen has right the adequate and effective treatment for its problem.

3.Todo citizen has right to the humanizado, acolhedor attendance and exempts of any discrimination. 4.Todo citizen has right the attendance that respects its person, its values and its rights. 5.Todo citizen also has responsibilities so that its treatment happens of the adequate form.

Parkinson Rigidity

Clinical manifestations As Smeltzer; Bare (2002), the illness of Parkinson presents slow and gradual evolution. The main clinical manifestations of the illness are: unilateral slow tremor; bradicinesia; difficulties to speak; alterations in the movements; rigidity of the neck, trunk and shoulders; increase in the production of saliva with risk for breathlessness and/or aspiration. The unilateral slow tremor can be of rhythmic rest, that disappears with the proposital movement of the member, becoming evident measure that walks or remains motionless more and accented when is concentrated or anxious. According to previous reference the movements of the carriers of the evil of Parkinson can be: slow (bradicinesia); slow abnormal person (hipocinesia);? freezing phenomenon? decurrent of the incapacity to carry through the active movement; they costumam to drag the feet. They present alterations in the position; writing; face expression; in the movements to blink the eyes. Another characteristic of the pathology is the rigidity of the neck. trunk and shoulders.

In the initial period of training it is common algia in the shoulder in virtue of the resistance to the slow and which had movement to the unilateral comprometimento. while the other is active and voluntary. The slowness of the movements, the rigidity and the tremor are the cardeiais signals of the evil of Parkinson, the tremor of the fingers resemble the movement to count money to it, in the advanced periods of training of the illness the carrier can present dementia and lose the autocuidado capacity of, difficulty to carry through activities of the daily life as to take bath, to change of clothes and uprising ( FREITAS, et al, 2002).