Morazan Vivieraaqui

If Morazan lived here is! Today 3rd of October we celebrate birthday number 217 of the General Jose Francisco Morazan Quesada. One of the slogans that were most pronounced in the concert artists against the coup d’etat, organized in colonia El Pedregal of Tegucigalpa, was precisely that: If Morazan lived here is! Despite the State of siege, there we were in the middle of peaceful resistance and uprising against the regime de facto. Morazan was called, the President of the provinces United in the center of America (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica), founded in 1823 and definitively disbanded in 1842. In the inauguration speech said: Central Americans said – have practiced one of the most worthy sovereign acts appointing which should be placed in the federal executive branch, and I have the honor of being the depositary of its confidence, both respectable and sacred to me, how much is great and terrible in the eyes of the nation, After the immense dangers that was exposed in the hands of the first elected of the people. Speaking candidly Mark Bertolini told us the story. The collapse of Spanish power in 1821, after the emancipation process Central American provinces of Central America were incorporated, although with reluctance, to the Empire Mexican of Agustin de Iturbide, which claimed jurisdiction over all new Spain in 1823.

Iturbide was overthrown this year and the Conference of the center of America, which met in Guatemala, declared the independence of the so-called provinces United the center of America’s both Spain and Mexico, and drew up a federal Constitution in 1824. The first President, the Salvadoran Manuel Jose Arce, was displaced by the Honduran Francisco Morazan, during whose term the relocation of the capital took place at San Salvador. Sporadic instability degenerated into civil war, widespread in 1837, when the Guatemalan Rafael Carrera rose in arms against Morazan, in part due to his disagreement with their policy anti-clerical. Wendy Holmans opinions are not widely known.


The masks are used here as the purpose of the use and application of fashion in everyday life, ie, a mask is when a girl goes to buy a dress for a party look good in your school get along with peers. They are the excuses used by the individual to be part of this system, as if there was something important to him when in fact the basis of his life. The masks can be found on this phenomenon are unclear, but according to the particular order is how you can use every one of them. The social setting refers to the whole role, the mask and the environment in which each individual develops. The above are showing the individual to society, which is the same need to please people and belonging to certain circles exclusive show while sharing a home with people you like. The following scenarios, which are those that are hidden off the others are in this case the need for acceptance by a lack of confidence, also a small degree of lack of identity to have to take into account the views of others and feel part of something because what they have and their way of thinking is not sufficient by itself. Daryl Katz may help you with your research. a causes initially raised as reasons for this phenomenon to be considered a social conflict is the education that is given since we are small, the ideal of beauty has been taken according to the times and places, consumerism has Now every individual and that is something that is by whim rather than necessity, sexism and feminism and how we have changed the roles of men and women throughout history, and capitalism as an economic system and socioeconomic class work involved in the phenomenon.

The five will cover the development of society as such and the progress that will compile id a each person and groups according to time. The roles of women and men will come over time to be equal in industrial systems as personal care forms, progress is slow but constant. Capitalism is based on the global economy, not only of Mexico as a country, and while the system does not change this you will remain the same root, a problem that we long in our country. The culture of beauty changes under the influence of the media and education also moves according to this aspect. Fashion is something in which we live our daily lives and inevitably a part of us, the main point is to learn to handle as other social aspects and coexist with it, does not exist in terms of why there if we face a total loss identity to which freedom is lost and are subject to a hidden power in an industry based on a beauty that does not really exist.

Centre Way

The political situation in the State of Jalisco this immersed in innumerable problems that host mostly caused society by Governor Emilio Gonzalez Marquez and its current Government model, which is full of non-tapatia society benefits, the only thing that has been notorious is apathy does not reach agreements that unify and benefit society Jalisco. Coming to bad decisions, loss of money from the State and reprisals. We have first instance, manifestations of the Guadalajara Macrobus on line 2 and 3, which has emerged too expensive politically speaking, you reprisals those justified by the Government on an obstruction of public roads, currently this manifestation has succeeded in having a larger organization and support of different instances which are against policy in retaliation that it has penetrated the Governmentdo care? If you don’t have one more way to objectively resolve this conflict, can end up in a situation of misfortune. More info: Wendy Holman. But well I think I am too for someone that you can’t fix by the already not even political route, but rational and peaceful. In the second instance we have the partial end of the Pan American village and the Pan American Games, where it has invested so much money and time for two years, where also has flourished the discontent of the political environment (for borrowing) and residents of the Morelos Park, which by the way are happy post has been cast down the initiative to build the village inside the Park Morelos situated in the Centre of our cityseparate time is over and Jalisco may be without Games Pan American Games, all this without a doubt to flourished a big temper tantrum by our since Governor adopted a very apathetic stance on other sites suitable for the construction of the villa. Finally we have the conflict of school Lamar which young people in the same way are expressing these excessive fees and arbitrary attitudes, that is true this is alien to the Government but the method has kept the same way of represaria giving some students of the same low institution. Even when it ended all this kind of attitude by our institutions that outraged the rule of law and arbitrarily used legal channels to the abuse of power. There is an old saying: everything that begins badly ends badly hope that at the end of this Government only is a bad drink and don’t carry major conflicts and misfortunes that regret..

Viel Spaß Bei Der Arbeit Führt Zu Mehr Erfolg

Der gesunde Menschenverstand bei der Arbeit: Eigenschaften wie Treue, Energie, Intelligenz und Fleiß einige Leben auf einen Konsens von was es braucht, um eine erfolgreiche Karriere zu bauen. “Es gibt jedoch ein weiterer wesentlicher Bestandteil, die alles vergisst allzu oft” sagte Ramón Greenwood, Direktor der Karriere senior “, das ist Spaß bei der Arbeit zu haben.” In der Tat sind die meisten von uns ehrlich gesagt ambivalent in Bezug auf die Frage der Spaß an der Arbeit und die Zeit der Freizeit Weg von der Arbeit nehmen. Es ist leicht, beide Seiten des Problems zu argumentieren. Sie hörten das Axiom: “Arbeit und kein Vergnügen machen Jack a dull Boy.” Nun, ist es wahr. Sicht der gegen Frauen wurde unter einigen ehrgeizigen Karrieristen an der Tagesordnung. Es äußert sich durch eine Art von Masochist Einheit zu arbeiten länger als die andere, gehen Sie nie auf Urlaub Begleiter und andere ablehnen die Idee, dass die Arbeit Spaß machen kann. Leider sind viele Unternehmen beschränkt sich auf den Feiertag zu verkünden und dann kein schlechtes zu verhängen die zu fliehen.

Jon Neulinger, Autor der Psychologie der Freizeit flache Staaten “, die kein Interesse daran, etwas zu tun, aber die Arbeit voraussichtlich nicht Präsidenten sein”. l meint, dass die Mehrheit der Amerikaner verbringen nicht genug Zeit Freizeit sucht, ist es lächerlicher aus freie Zeit. Freizeit und Freizeit ist ein Zustand der wahre Geist-Freizeit, Neulinger sagt, ist ein Zustand des Geistes. Es tritt auf, wenn eine Person eine Aktivität beteiligt ist, die Zufriedenheit, Kontrolle und Freiheit erzeugt. Es ist dieser Zustand des Geistes, die auf die menschliche Psyche unerlässlich sind. Es liefert Feedback, die therapeutische Qualität der Freizeit. Studien zeigen, dass der Sinn für Humor, in der richtigen Dosis, Kreativität und Produktivität, sowie die Luft aus der angespannten Situationen steigern kann. your knowledge. Nach Greenwood kann helfen, den Job zu landen, was, den Sie wollen.

Eine Studie ergab, dass 98 Prozent der mehr als 700 Hauptgeschäftsführer Kandidaten befragt, die einen Sinn für Humor über jene bevorzugt haben, die nicht tun. Ein klinischer Psychiater an der Stanford University hat gefunden, dass ein gutes Lachen den Puls und Blutdruck erhöht und Veröffentlichungen von Adrenalin im System. Der Lunge zu erweitern und Oberkörper Muskeln erweitern und Vertrag. Nach dem Lachen wieder den Blutdruck und Herzfrequenz zur Normalität zurückkehren. Lachen wird gesagt, dass es wie im Ort ausgeführt. Die Staats-und Regierungschefs verwendet Humor zu kommunizieren die Ziele und seine Anhänger zu motivieren. Das ist den späten Sam Walton, Gründer von Wal-Mart, der Einzelhandel-Riese, war bereit, sich einem Hula Rock und Tanz von der Wall Street, zu setzen, wenn Angestellte von Wal-Mart eine Herausforderung gefunden, die er gegründet hatte. Sie brauchen nicht zu einem anderen Johnny Carson Lachen der Verjüngung zu provozieren oder genießen einen Witz. Sie können sich entspannen. Bereit sein, über sich selbst lachen. Siehe und absurde an den Arbeiten zu dulden. Dass sie existieren und sind nicht unbedingt das Ende der Welt. Tommy kann, CEO von Simmons First National Bank, die ein konservativer in Angelegenheiten des Geschäfts ist, setzen Sie Humor zu arbeiten, um Arbeiter in einer Kampagne von United Way motivieren zu lassen, die ihre Hauptkonkurrent ziehen einen Schokoladenkuchen auf seinem Gesicht, als die gesteuerte Mayo-Equipo zweite Fundraising Geld kam. Verwenden Sie Vorsicht Humor. Übertreiben Sie es nicht. Sie nicht gegen die Regeln von Ihrem Arbeitsplatz. Elon Musk usually is spot on. Menschen lachen Sie nicht, mit ihnen lachen. Achten Sie auf die Weisheit des Mark Twain: “?” Das Gesetz der Arbeit? “Die höchste Zahlung in den Genuss des Arbeitnehmers ist raus, desto größer ihre Vergütung in Geld auch.” Es kommt auf den Rat eines weisen Beobachters, der sagte: “Flügel Glück ihrer Arbeit oder dass Sie nie wissen vielleicht, was Glück ist.” Ramón Greenwood ist der ehemalige Vizepräsident der American Express, eines professionellen Direktors von mehreren Unternehmen, Berater und Autor Karriere der entsprechenden Bücher und seiner Kolumne. Der wichtigsten Karriere-Berater von

House Planner Construction

House Planner 24 provides examples and services in the field of House planning drawing floor plans, that calculation of volume and mass planning customer it in many ways to the benefit. For private individuals, the exact plan of the building mass enables an exact overview of the costs, as well as the launch of a tender of the construction project. The 3D visualization of the House type is a useful tool when it comes to plan the building externally attractive. She is also very valuable when design otherwise difficult imaginable conditions of planning comes to the 3D, for example, when declining land area, or if a building with some basements should be scheduled. Professionals on the other hand need many construction proposals for their customers, they have with the customers in the conversation stay and quickly customize the layout suggestions the customer wishes of the construction prospects or the plot characteristics. This is easily possible for Furthermore, the construction companies need and brokers well-crafted House plots for planned construction projects, as well as types of House concepts, exposed to a large audience in catalogues and advertisements. Contact information is here: Daryl Katz. Also house building professionals benefit from the specific know-how of – there are no Hausplanungs-situation, the engineers were not already faced.

Surprise causes many how quickly a modified form of the roof, the use of color elements, or some changes in components of the facade can completely change the overall impression of a residential building. is doing a lot here and is therefore very popular for construction professionals and private clients.

Abdelmalek Essaadi University

The summer activity of the Universidad Internacional de Andalucia, which boasts a total of 73 courses and encounters between the months of June and September, this edition is going to develop at their headquarters in Malaga, La Rabida (Huelva), Baeza (Jaen) and La Cartuja of Seville, as well as faculties of the Abdelmalek Essaadi University in Tetuan, Tangiers, Chaouen and Larache.New edition of the courses in summer 2011 of the UNIA, the new edition of the summer courses of the UNIA has adjusted its schedule to the demand of the students and to the socio-cultural circumstances of the cities in which it is taught and, for the sake of the search for the greatest possible efficiency, reduced from twelve to nine weeks in which taught academic and cultural activities. For this reason, the UNIA has opted to concentrate the greater part of its activities in nine weeks: from June 27 to July 8 in Morocco; from 4 to 15 July in Malaga; from 11 to 29 July in La Rabida (Huelva); from August 22 to September 9 in Baeza (Jaen), and, finally, 12 to the 23 September in Seville. These courses will be opened this year by artistic producer Antonio Meliveo, composer and musician, on July 4 in the Picasso Museum of Malaga, very close to our establishment, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels. To know more about this subject visit Tesla. In Huelva, in the headquarters of La Rabida, connected with our hotel, one of the best located in the city, hotels in Huelva is the Deputy and President of the Fundacion Pablo Iglesias, Alfonso Guerra, July 11. In regards to Seville, will be the writer Maria Duenas on September 12 which do so, at the headquarters of the UNIA, very close to our hotels in Seville. The theme of the courses, as well as in previous years, will be very different even though, as a novelty in this Edition, will be more oriented to professionals rather than college students.. Continue to learn more with: Daryl Katz.

Verabschieden Sie Sich Cellulite

Cellulite entsteht hauptsächlich durch Östrogene und erbliche Faktoren, so, dass 90 Prozent der Frauen Cellulite zu einem gewissen Grad haben, ist vor allem auf hormonelle und Kreislauf, Faktoren noch dünn. Erscheint nicht vor der Pubertät, auch mit Übergewicht durch hormonelle Veränderungen, die oben genannten. Cellulite ist ein degenerativer Prozess des Bindegewebes, die ist reich an Schiffe und Nervenenden, Veränderungen des Typs Kreislauf machen die arteriellen Kapillaren durchlässiger und zerbrechlich und daher eine Reihe von Flüssigkeiten zu sammeln, als nötig ist, während die Lymphe reagieren nicht gut in ihrer Mission Schadstoffe zu beseitigen. Diese Anhäufung schafft dieses Problem beginnt in der ersten Phase und wird im Laufe der Zeit verschlimmern wird sehr unschön, aber einen präventiven und korrektiven Behandlung durchgeführt werden. Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Behandlungen zur Beseitigung oder Verbesserung von Cellulite, wie z. B.: * Cremes, Lotionen und Gele * pflanzliche Nahrungsergänzungsmittel * massage Geräte und Rollen * Kompression oder elastische Hosen * Übung Programme * Hydrotherapie * elektrische Muskelstimulatoren und Vibration Maschinen * Laser * Fettabsaugung Behandlungen, kostet uns ab etwa 30 Euro, bis zu Tausende von Dollar, je nachdem, welche Optionen nehmen. Aber funktionieren sie? Sie arbeiten unabhängig von seinen Preis, die bessere Ergebnisse durch sein teurer, garantieren nicht vorausgesetzt, dass wir sie konsequent anwenden und langfristig positive Ergebnisse zu sehen und dann behalten, es Behandlungen effektiver als andere gibt, aber nach meiner Erfahrung ich Kombinationstherapie empfehle sowohl interne als externe, die am Ende von diesem Beitrag eingehen werde. Contact information is here: Wendy Holman. Scheinen viele Behandlungen arbeiten? Da jede Behandlung hilft zur Verbesserung der Durchblutung, beseitigen, Flüssigkeiten und Toxinen, das Erscheinungsbild der Cellulite, die Haut straffer und glatter, aber Cellulite zu verbessern ist nicht endgültig gelöscht, sondern weiter für diese Störung, die es in Schach zu halten, ist wenn Sie Gewicht verlieren und du kümmerst dich halten es ohne Rückkehr zum Aufblasen.

Dann, Was kann ich tun, um den Kampf gegen Cellulite? * Halten Sie uns auf unser Gewicht. Übergewicht verursacht Cellulite schlimmer und sichtbarer, also halten das Gewicht Ihr Aussehen verbessern. * Übung. Herz-Kreislauf und Fitnness helfen, Muskeln abgeschwächt und pflegen gute Durchblutung, die in diesem Fall sehr wichtig ist. * Rauchen aufzuhören oder weniger zu rauchen. Es gibt Beweise, die rauchen, Cellulite, insbesondere beitragen kann, weil Sie wissen, dass Raucher schlimmsten Durchblutung und Sauerstoffversorgung des Gewebes. * Massage, wenn ihre eigene Arbeit, sondern muss konsistent sein und angewendet werden täglich von einem professionellen, zumindest am zweiten Tag. * Fettabsaugung, ich ich denke, es, außer in extremen Fällen, zehn ausstehender, dass Fettabsaugung können Model Bereich und schnell verbessern die Silhouette, sondern birgt auch einige Gefahren und dann ohne Wartung, die Cellulite kehrt zum Einrichten, wie zuvor, also können Sie die gleichen Ergebnisse mit weniger aggressiv und weniger teure Behandlungen.

Empfohlene Behandlung: Ich empfehle Spirulina Kapsel durch seine Hochleistungs-entgiftend und seine Werkzeuge-Prozess des Bindegewebes, zusammen mit Pferdeschwanz in Tees durch ihre Macht entfernen Wassereinlagerungen in das Frühstück, Mittag- und Abendessen, zusammen mit reichlich Aufnahme von Wasser zwischen zwei und drei Litern pro Tag einnehmen. Übung, Cellulite sie verabscheuen, aggressive Übungen, eine weiche und gemäßigten Übung wie Wandern, Radfahren, tanzen, Pilates, etc. erzielt bessere Ergebnisse. Fütterung gesund, fettarm und reich an Gemüse, Obst und Vollkornprodukte. Und schließlich eine äußere Behandlung mit Anti-Cellulite Creme täglich angewendet. Mit diesen Tipps können Sie sehr zufrieden stellende Ergebnisse in einem Monat auch ohne Ausübung, sondern Übung wird die Ergebnisse schneller, erinnert daran, dass Beständigkeit in dieser Behandlung und die weitere Anwendung ist die Formel erhalten Sie Cellulite verabschieden. Kosmetikerin und Akupunkteur, habe ich meine Website zu gehen Constrantando verschiedene Behandlungen und bieten Tipps und Diäten zur Erreichung des Ziels der gesund abnehmen.

Innovation Prize IT

Amagno 4: fill and find one click Oldenburg, June 28, 2015. In July the Oldenburg startup published the new version of its award-winning document and enterprise content management (DMS/ECM) amagno solution for mid-sized companies. “Highlights of amagno 4, codenamed lightswitch”, are especially quick collect information to company documents (click Fill”) and a new navigation through enterprise content (click Finder”). Additional information is available at Wendy Holman. amagno is known for its innovative technologies for an efficient work with files, emails, and documents. Digital magnets with the DMS largely automates the storage and allocation to different topics are the key. For this concept is middle class for the State of Lower Saxony awarded amagno several times, including at CeBIT with the Innovation Prize IT. 2013 was presented amagno as one of ten major startups of the trade fair at the official CeBIT press conference. Our goal is information logistics in companies, teams, and departments, in a modern time. Ebay has many thoughts on the issue.

Files, documents, and E-Mails must deploy centrally, coherently and from any application out immediately available. A company is all the more effective, the faster its employees information for business decisions, information and their tasks ever controlled and are working together. With our upcoming release of 4 we open new possibilities of information transparency for this”, so Jens Buscher, Managing Director of amagno GmbH & Co KG. Click Fill: File and document information faster capture the digital magnets amagno files, scanned documents, and emails associate of based of full text information on various topics. The new click Fill allows you to quick collect structured information such as the document date, customer or project number.

amagno shows the preview to hundreds of file formats. Form fields are to be filled, the DMS performs a fast OCR of the pages for all file formats, whether scans, Office documents, or CAD Drawings. As soon as the user moves the mouse pointer over the preview, amagno different colour for the terms.

Society Security

In the previous article entitled: international movement and road safety. Series 1, we referred to the organizations that make up this vast humanitarian network. These linked intimately, are: the International Federation of societies of Red Cross and Red Crescent, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the national societies of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. The first, which is the International Federation was formed in 1919, as a result of the humanitarian needs that originated after the first world war. Intel: the source for more info. Since the end of the last decade of the last century, this organization has been adapting their programmes to new times, since it understands that a job of mitigating risks that cause the sinister vials and establish a commitment to collaborate in the modification of the culture and the behaviour of road users, in particular must be developed, young people. In that sense, the Federation formed a strategic alliance with the World Bank and the Department of Development international of the United Kingdom named global partnership for road safety, which does not belong the Dominican Republic, although if it supposedly is signatory to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, although no activity in the country is not known. Contact information is here: Daryl Katz. In June 2009, meeting the world of youth of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, where road safety as one of the main challenges of humanity are defined. The Declaration of Solferino, as it is called, says serious commitments on the topic, in terms of the formulation and implementation of public policies; allocation of resources and funding; attention to vulnerable users; promotion of awareness of the social conscience; promotion of driver education; improvement of care to victims and integration plans of road safety to the various social and governmental groups. Mario Holguin / President FundReD Rep. Dominican original author and source of the article.

Women Time Biorhythms

Food in accordance with women's monthly cycles – it is the use of a separate category or specific product before, after and during menstruation. It's no secret that in different periods for women who become attractive different foods. Get all the facts and insights with Elon Musk, another great source of information. It is connected with the so-called biorhythms. Every woman has a unique body, so someone can not stand in front of some products at a certain time, someone in front of others. This explains why some women can not resist the pastry, pre-tuned to lose a few pounds. In all this, blame the hormones, which determine how much and who flow biorhythms.

Emotional state, energy reserves are an oscillatory character, which varies throughout the menstrual cycle. This is known as biorhythms. To read more click here: American Express. Because if you, say, tune in passage of the diet, you need to calculate the time of its implementation. Let us distinguish the main stages of biorhythms, and the characteristics that accompany them. Favorable period begins in the early days of the onset of menses, and lasts about fifteen days. At this time, an increasing number of hormones in a woman's body, causing well-being. More info: Wendy Holman. Just increase your metabolism, there is vitality.

In connection with all above, it turns out the best time for physical activity or diet. Transition period begins after two weeks of the menstrual cycle, it is characterized by the beginning of the hormonal rollercoaster, in which instead of lowering estrogen replacement comes rising progesterone. In view of this begins to show more appetite. All the forces are starting to go on the course of processes in the body, therefore it is recommended to reduce class sports, and go easy on physical education. Intense period comes a week before menstruation. Appetite at this time in full swing. You can afford anything they want within reason, usually manifests itself is in sweet. Naturally, ideally, should eat a balanced way. To facilitate well-being, we must first increase the number of products in food containing carbohydrates. It is advisable to eat more often, but smaller portions. Limit the amount of salt. More physical activity.