Month: June 2016

The Beauty Of The Biological Clock

Chronobiology – a young but progressive science that studies the occurrence of various biological processes over time. The object of study of this science are biological rhythms – cyclical periods of change in the state organism, all its tissues and organs. Biological rhythms, in fact, plays the role of a universal program, responsible for coordinating the work of all organs and systems in the human body. They provide a maximum effective functioning of all cells, and the most efficient use of resources. Biological rhythms can be daily, monthly, or seasonal, but they are all characterized by alternating periods of activity and Recreation, which provides full recovery reserves. The greatest influence on a person have daily biorhythms. Every day, we alternate the periods of sleep and wakefulness.

To be highly active during the day, we need the most rest and relax at night. During the day changed our blood pressure, heart rate, frequent or slow down the processes of interaction of internal organs. Even body temperature changes significantly: at night she goes down on average by 1 C. Violation of this cycling can cause depletion of body reserves. Reduction of tone and performance, stress, disorders of the immune system and increase susceptibility to disease, tired appearance and feeling bad – that's the price paid for the negligent treatment of our biological clock. Knowledge of the nature of biorhythms cycles and compliance processes and activities Recovery will help any woman to not only streamline your life, but also slow the aging process, improve the quality and longevity, as well as long time to maintain her youth and beauty.

Cubic Content

The calculation of cubic capacity edged board made according to the geometric formulas, manually or using kubaturnik. If you would like to know more about Mark Bertolini, then click here. And how to calculate the cubic content of logs? The conventional wisdom is that the cubic content of logs can be found with applying the coefficients to convert into a dense measure, but it is wrong. In this case, each log is measured and the thickness of the upper end (with a smaller diameter) and length of a log is determined by its cubic capacity. Round wood table, where given the volume of logs of various diameters and lengths called kubaturnik. Typically used kubaturnik forests of gost 2708-75 and iso 4480-83. You are measures the diameter of the upper end of the logs and look at the table, its volume. Adding the volumes of all logs You will receive a total cubic content of the forest.

Facilitate and accelerate this work will help the program kubaturnik. The program includes kubaturnik wood according to gost 2708-75 and iso 4480-83, kubaturnik board, determine the number of boards in one cubic meter. Together with the program Provides a table. Cubic content of logs is calculated based on the standard formula for calculating the volume of a cylinder: the diameter of logs is divided by two and squared, then multiplied by the number of pi and the length of the logs. For convenience, the program kubaturnik a new mechanism for calculating the cubic content of logs.

Electric Bike

How to buy an electric bike am a girl with little knowledge of electrical and mechanical equipment; but like everyone else, I need to move me for my work and my University by a means of transport which is accessible and low-cost fuel. So I concluded that I should buy me a motorcycle. Luckily, I found a guy who has always been aware of me and is very applied on the subject of motorcycles. Many times it has offered me to take me on his motorcycle for a ride, but until now had not had the need to do so, and although it sounds interested on my part, at this point, needed an expert, someone who knew all about motorcycles. In addition our walk and a coffee, this friend explained to me the benefits who had motorcycles to conventional vehicles. Among those advantages, prevailed the fact the cost of the investment between a motorcycle and a truck, which was much more economical and easy to pay; and more important still, the cost of fuel and maintenance.

Also me He explained the importance of safety equipment while driving, and that if not wearing the helmet on, neither that happens I leave on the motorcycle. The helmet is an investment that you make, rather than comply with traffic law, it is an investment for your life. Also told me the motorcycle Chinese electric, which with a low cost in the market and no need to spend money on fossil fuel, save me some money and above all, do not damage the atmosphere with emissions of carbon dioxide from a traditional bike. With all these explanations and pleasant ride, it was almost impossible not to go to buy the bike, and what I liked most about the idea, was that we could now go ride both.