Month: September 2016

Buenos Aires

To fall is allowed. to rise the globalisation is obligatory definitively, has affected all the commercial, technological, social, cultural aspects, education significantly, to mention some, its effect has been determining, that has entailed as we know, that more than 2.8 million university students attends outside their countries of origin. The cause that is an increase in the preference of many students of to go to study to other countries, to leave transitorily his country of origin is worrisome, because it entails to review, what it is it impels what it, more, when they are had national universities that must be organized for providing an educative management of excellence, guaranteeing the qualification, formation of suitable professionals that they contribute with the development of his country of origin, showing to him the world that the national universities count on Training programs guaranteed of good academicism that provides the knowledge that the present demand according to the distintitas professions that they are offered. In an analysis it exceeds, Cyntia review Palaces in the newspaper the Nation of Buenos Aires, that to study far from house it is a tendency that grows: the number of students registered in institutions of education superior outside its countries of origin ascends today to 2.8 million students, which represents an increase of 53% with respect to 1999. The data arise from edition 2009 of the World-wide Compendium of the Education published by the UNESCO, that occurred to know in the World-wide Conference on Education Superior that the organism realised recently in Paris. One is a universe that grew 35 years significantly in the last.

In 1975 only 800,000 college students studied outside their country, and one decade ago they made 1.7 million. Anyway, the report gives account of the increasing tendency of the students to settle down after its studies in its region of origin…


Tourists generate expectations, imagine how is the product, what use will give you, and obtain the expected results. This component of intangibidad makes that consumers are not confident of what you bought, or benefit that really going to get when they consume the product. 2 Expiration. Tourist products cannot be stored. 3 Pieces and substitutability.

The tourist product is formed from the aggregation of several components, any of which can be Replace with another immediately. 4 Heterogeneity. The tourist product is composed of many parts, and conditioned by many factors. 5 Subjectivity, individuality, immediacy and simultaneity of production and consumption. It is subjective because it depends on the conditions in which they are customers and borrower at the time of consumption.

The satisfactions which produces are individual and different from some people to others. Its consumption is simultaneous to their real manufacture, that product is actually created at the same time that it consumes. 6 Others: Is a seasonal product. Liquidity or cash flow is high it is necessary to increase better formation and training of the persons responsible for the development and utilization of the Venezuelan tourism, provide new knowledge according to the advancement of techniques and what the role of markets has been generating in pro to obtain beneficial results. You need to be attentive in relation to: the valuable contribution that supported computing of a good management of the accommodation and other related services to the Tourism, can lead to if are you the attention that it requires. Consider as you said, than the role in the digital economy and marketing via the Internet which is exercising Pro in the streamlining of the tourism and hotel operations. As also facilitating and speeding up the purchase of documents for collection (forfaiting) between wholesalers and retailers of tourism. The new economic openings that have given way to a policy of foreign trade more agile venezolana, allowing tourism be encouraged more. Consider the results of scientific research on tourist and hotel activities and their planning, what universities, management schools performing markets mention this. New developments in the concepts of sustainable development; globalization; Economics, management and environmental assessment. Which have a marked influence on the formulation of tourism and hotel projects. Since then, as also shown, the evolution of finance and Commerce at the national and international level and its impact on the tourist and hotel operations. It should not be neglected, the elasticity of tourist demand is determined by the rates of reaction of consumers before variations in prices.Thus, expected that when lower prices of goods and tourist services, the demand for these increases and vice versa. The following direct study of attitudes statistical analysis of the relationship between price and quantity perceptual factors of the reaction of consumers can be used to study these reactions. It must be very careful in assessing and monitoring the behavior of tourism demand which depends on: 1. the individual and/or family income 2. The price of goods and services 3. Motivations for travel 4. An appropriate marketing strategy applied to good / tourist service that is intended to sell both at the local, regional and international level. There are other variables called latent variables or irrational factors that can influence demand; such as: tradition.Psychological attitudes tourist advertising. This entry of revenues has simply not be wasted.

Venezuelan University

OBJECTIVES specific provide basic knowledge of modern managerial topics train participants in modern topics pertaining to quality and productivity develop abilities and skills in making decisions concerning quality and productivity skills to address and resolve situations where East involved the quality and productivity to create and develop a culture, philosophy of quality consistent with the organisation and environment where works to develop and cultivate the aesthetic and moral values efficient utilization-building communication, persuasion, creativity and innovation performance within the framework of excellence professional profile the graduate of this program demonstrate skills to perform duties in the field of management of quality and productivity, planning, managing and evaluating situations relevant to that area with favorable attitudes toward problem-solving, innovation, communication, ethical and aesthetic values, the intuitive understanding of the changes posed in organizations and excellent performance. Curriculum course introductory 8 weeks: modern managerial topics statistics introduction to research ethics and legislation program specific, ASIGBATURAS quality management statistical process Control management costs behavior organizational strategic quality planning process and product management marketing seminar for research and degree work quality assurance research seminar I and II duration this degree work course is schedule to be completed in 6 periodsone of eight weeks the introductory and five of the program specific, comprising each period twelve manas. The permanence of the student on the programme planned by the Regulation of postgraduate is four (4) years. THE program schedule has been developed based on professionals who work throughout the day and offers within hours from Monday to Friday from 6.30 to 9.30 p.m. He is also planned to offer the program all the Saturdays. GRADE OPTORGA program to meet the participant with all academic and administrative requirements established, the institution gives you the title of specialist in management of quality and productivity. REQUIREMENTS of income for admission to the program should: possess higher education title issued by a Venezuelan University or other higher education institution of recognized prestige, whose curriculum has a prior four-year minimum promised by law enforcement in these cases.

Venezuelan Consumer

A rich person is not the one that has more that needs less the national stage that currently presents Venezuela, indicates great turbulence as it is known in the political face the uncertainty of what represents the Bolivarian revolution, most in a country that has never fully identified with socialism, with an ideology that has never manifested itself in its bosom. All this has had an impact on the quality of life of the Venezuelan and therefore in their identification, consumption and use of the products you purchase for your needs, leading him to be more cautious in their purchase, use more rational than the impulsive. This reality has forced the management of markets to consider the most determining variables in the study of the behavior of the consumer in order to determine the more pronounced and give way to the corresponding strategies to deal with them successfully. The Chair of marketing of the postgraduate programme in management of the quality and productivity of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, Faces has been following with much interest what all this reality political, economic, uncertainty has been projected between Venezuelans, where many have radically changed their style of purchase and obliges to be considered how to be analyzed in the present their behaviour in the current behavior of the consumer to be considered in its reality. Regarding this, in their forums, seminars, research on the topic, identified many important aspects that are important to take into account. On this occasion, William Villamizar participant commented on the subject, that the study of the behavior of the consumer and their characteristics is extremely complex because of the multitude of variables in question and its tendency to interact with each other and have a reciprocal influence. To cope with this complexity you must base the analysis on one of the models designed to evaluate the behaviour of the consumer. .

Network Marketing

Learning is a process, not the goal. Ponte in action as soon as possible. 7 Without prejudice. Wow! This I had to learn it fast. Prospects that I thought had no profile, they proved them more active and determined to do business. You don’t judge by appearance or his economic condition, you can lose a diamond. 8 Depend on your family and friends. These can help you at the beginning but will also be the first to destroy your dreams.

Get ready to create your strategy for sales and sponsorship outside your circle. The success of yours will attract them, but in the beginning don’t count much with them. 9. Absence of follow-up. Assume that you call your customers and prospects is a serious mistake.

Plans as and when the follow-up will be implemented. 10. Do not have separate accounts. Mixing personal finances with the income of the business is fatal. You must you have a bank account for your business, which allows you to have a clear operation and can analyze, compare results during your growth. 11. Personal growth. If you were a top athlete, physical training would be vital. Network Marketing is a business between people, it is your responsibility to your personal growth. Leaders are not born, are formed. Get trained and dedicate time to be more important, you focus on acquiring habits that contribute to your growth. 12 Effect butterfly. Follow each new concept that proclaim have unique Coca Cola of the desert. Every week there is a new MLM that promises to make you rich without effort. You’ll be flying to each business opportunity if you haven’t decided what business to follow and work it. Investigate before making the decision. Confirms those who are the leaders of this Corporation. When you start your own business, remember this will result in the same measure spend time in professionalizing you, treat it as such and not as a hobby. Remember that these buying a franchise that has a brand, a proven concept and a system to follow. Avoid these errors remaining connected to the system of training of your corporation. Visit: and connect with other articles about this industry of Network Marketing.

VDSL Network Expansion

The fast VDSL is already available in 50 cities, further expansion is progressing but only slowly with a current maximum download speed of 50 MBit per second, VDSL (very high-speed of digital subscriber line) is the fastest DSL available in Germany Variant. Broadband connections with higher speed are occasionally offered, be realized but not on DSL, but otherwise about the digital cable. Currently, about 50 cities in the VDSL network are integrated. Further expansion is delayed for political reasons, although it would be technically feasible. The central problem is the missing investment security faulted by Deutsche Telekom: the expansion of VDSL network requires high investment without that is predictable, on what terms the investor later needs to open the network to other phone providers. Originally, the Federal Government of VDSL had excluded connections from the regulation of the telecommunications market, which is why Deutsche Telekom first single Provider was.

Pressure from the EU Commission opened the VDSL network now for the competitors. Meanwhile, a price comparison for VDSL delivers at least two phone providers because 1and1 now offers such connections. Pushing more telephone service providers on the market, but the negotiations with Deutsche Telekom have failed so far. A regulatory application of Deutsche Telekom, with which the conditions of access of competitors should be regulated, the Federal Network Agency rejected on October 15, 2009, which is why further market entries are again delayed and a price comparison on VDSL will provide rates continue to be very sparse results. The further expansion of VDSL network is currently very hesitantly. Deutsche Telekom is linked further activities in this direction on clear preconditions in terms of financial commitment of the competitors. Such solutions can look like, begins to emerge: in Heilbronn is engaged at present Vodafone in the expansion of VDSL network and has received the commitment for, access to the Telekom network in Wurzburg to get. There are similar collaborations with other phone providers in Northern Germany. Despite selecting more than manageable with two operators, a price comparison for VDSL worth connections. The heavily advertised fares to the part of so-called entertainment packages include”, which essentially comprise a TV connection with many additional features. Who seeks only a fast Internet access will find it’s even cheaper! Christian Sievers

Problematic Social Networks

To connect itself continuously to social networks can increase stress and aggravate the personal relations. After prohibiting the use of Facebook, Twitter, instantaneous mail and other average ones during one week, the U. of Harrisburg, in Pensilvania, it said that the technology had been hiding some traps. ” The students realized which the social means, especially Facebook and the instantaneous mail, if they are not used of appropriate way, can appropriate his vidas” , he said Eric Darr, dean of the faculty. The university, of 800 students, decided to impose the prohibition to observe how the life of the students and the teaching staff affected the technology.The majority of the students fulfilled the experiment of one week of realised duration east month and some discovered that the technology could control its lives. Darr mentioned a student who felt the necessity to enter Facebook 21 hours the day and blocked the entrance of new publications between the two and the five in the morning to sleep a little. ” it sounds adiccin” , it said Darr, impeller of the technological blackout that was applied by means of the blockade of the access of social means to direction IP of the university.

Darr recognized that the students and professors who felt the necessity to feed their addiction social means could have continued doing it through their advanced movable telephones, but said that the majority had obeyed and that some pleasingly were surprised and so there were shortage. ” The majority of the students behaved like the smokers who escape after class for fumar” , it said. ” They wanted to escabullir itself to watch things in his smartphones” , it added. But some of them discovered that estresados when not counting on the possibility felt less constantly of reading the states of their friendly in Facebook and of seeing that they had more time to make other things. Other students saw themselves themselves ready more to be in person with other students or professors with whom normally only they communicated through social means.

The student Amanda Zuck said that much Facebook did not use, but that at the outset was a little molesta” by not being able to use the page Web. Zuck wrote in an electronic mail that did not see great advantages in the project for her, but added that probably it had helped a friend who she considered addict to Facebook. The project allowed all the members of the university to reflect on the way in which the social means affected their lives. ” Only stopping to us and paying attention we can entenderlo” , Darr said. ” We can even not be conscious of the important paper that plays social means in which we do and how hacemos” , it added. Harrisburg is first university that directs an experiment like this, which probably it would not be possible to realise in greater academic institutions and with one more a more complex infrastructure, according to Darr. The project originated the protests of some people, who sent post office electronic arguing that was infringing its freedom of expression, the dean added. Although the results of the study still are being analyzed, seem to conclude that the social means would have to be used like the old model of interpersonal communication. ” To combine the personal encounter with the relations through Facebook is probably the way correcto” , Darr said.

Social Networks

Article about the today’s leisure activities of young people and children. A life between chat, post and co. Mandy (14 years) comes from school to home. Lunch was cooked before her mother her the day before, because she is working during the day, in a microwave oven is ready for the warm up. With the hot plate food leaves the kitchen Mandy, goes to her room and turn on your computer. With one hand she is logged in already on Facebook to look what has actualized in the meantime. Two of their school with “boring” have commented on her post this morning, “off to school”. During the period in which she informs her friends that she eats just lunch, you think of yet that but quickly the photos of the present day with their clique could upload them.

This, of course, their girlfriends Anne be and tagged Franzi. All except on one of Mandy friends have a profile on Facebook and share with always their daily schedule, activities, and concerns. Most of them have Facebook on their mobile phone installed so that they can be on the go “online”. Since Mandy has in three weeks birthday, wanted to speak with her mother in the evening via a mobile phone, because so she would then also no activity of their friends on Facebook more Miss and could communicate with the cell phone where it resides. As feared mother Dagmar was not very excited by the idea of her daughter, because she feels Mandy chat on the PC as addiction. Also, she is worried about the safety of her daughter, because increasingly she had heard now of sex offenders in social networks that there dishonestly by chatting the trust of young people and children. But when should parents worry? How do I keep the view who and what does my child as a parent? Can I protect my child from dangers on the net? Questions which are important to be answered are confronted as a mother and as a father.

Aloe Vera Juice

Externally in the pockets of depigmentation rubbed tincture of arnica mountain with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). In the combined treatment include herbs that contain zinc: birch leaves in the form of infusion (10,0:200,0; in strained infusion add 0.2 g of sodium bicarbonate), or a decoction of birch buds (1 teaspoon buds 0.5 cups of boiling water, boil 15 min) – 1 a tablespoon, 3-4 times a day. It is widely recommended that fresh or canned birch sap. A lot of zinc in the berries of black currant, raspberry, so ill advised to include them in the diet. In folk medicine used the infusion of seeds of wild carrot, which also contains trace mineral zinc. As a tonic in the presence of concomitant tonsillitis, diseases of the stomach and intestines, the liver treatment included oat broth planting in milk (2 cups pour 5-6 glasses of milk, stand on a steam bath for 2-3 hours, filter) – 0,5-1 glass 3 times a day for 30-40 minutes before meals for 2 months. For the normalization of the endocrine glands, metabolic processes, to create additional reserves in it, to reduce the production of adrenaline recommended adaptogenic drugs: alcohol extract of Eleutherococcus or tincture of ginseng, Aralia, devil, liquid extract levzei (see how to apply these plants). For the normalization of adrenocortical function and metabolic processes prescribed: Infusions of the leaves of black currants, elderberry flowers, watch a three-sheeted, decoction of chicory usual, infusion or decoction of cyanosis blue.

Fresh or canned aloe vera juice administered orally to 1 teaspoon for 30 minutes before meals 2-3 times a day. A good result in vitiligo, we have received from the use of drugs strawberry timber. During strawberry season, strawberries in the forest recommended 0.5-0.8 kg per day (as the patient can eat). In store for the procurement of strawberries can be frozen. In the absence of berries used broth forest herbs strawberries (20.0: 200.0) – 1 tablespoon 2-3 times daily or as a tea without dosage. Outwardly patients was rubbed into the pockets of strawberry juice depigmentation with DMSO. 20 g of strawberry juice was added 3-5 drops of 100% DMSO for more deep penetration of strawberries.

Instead of strawberries can be used topically pomegranate juice. Traditional medicine in vitiligo recommends taking duckweed. We administered it orally as a decoction (tea brew as) 1 glass 2-3 times a day for 3-4 months, then a month break. If necessary, repeat treatment. It is not toxic and well tolerated. In the treatment of duckweed in a number of patients reported a positive result: depigmentation process was stopped, appearing follicular repigmentation. Patients were also encouraged to apply rosehip infusion (10.0: 200.0) – 1/4-1/2 cup 2 times a day. Churolinov P. (1979) recommends to the depigmented areas skin to make a poultice of boiled pulp roots of anise. Also recommend a topically in foci of depigmentation rub product juglone (the active ingredient in the leaves and fruit of a walnut) in the form of 0.1-0.2% alcohol solution, followed by MSS. Sometimes effective topical application bergamot, nut, lavender, eucalyptus oil in combination with UVR. – zahvoryuvannya shkri

Local Job

The local police claim more than nationals, is a subject that everyone should be prepared to deal with because their functions are not equal and some may feel undervalued. That is why everyone must decide what kind of opposition will face because that will add or not a series of advantages. Decide the type of position and its level is essential and conform to requirements. Something that brings many disappointments is to be selected by an employment to a post eventually. It is true that much of the temporary staff who is in the public administration spends years in that post and after all that time many have had to leave, hence creating a controversy in the administration. But not all is bad in the world of the opposition, much less.

Now let's see the advantages of having opposition: Once you've passed the examinations and you get feared becoming part of the staff for the state, autonomous region or your town hall to give your life will change. From that moment you begin to be aware of what it means to be an officer, its benefits are above drawbacks and the main thing is that this is a job for life. Some people can be overwhelming to have a job for life where you're always going to be doing the same thing (remember you can also advertise for promotion in rank and salary) but that is a triviality and can finally start to forget about those little problems that have accompanied you in your daily life during the passage of time.