Month: May 2020

Office Increases

Team development: Friendships measurably increase productivity and heads are good for team climate he is a thorn in the side. The cosy chat between two employees – at the desk of the one in the Office of the other, in the coffee kitchen, or in the hallway. You can see the colleagues, sometimes over half-an-hour at the same place, they work anything but just have fun. The work remains. A real nuisance, which can go up to the cease and desist letter at some companies. This article tells you why should rejoice leaders instead.

The private chat increases your profit. This behavior is just plain embarrassing to some team leaders. Each of the other departments get it. And perhaps even the Chief of Executive. What are you thinking? For me, the mice on the table dance rather than committed to work.

That look like weak leadership. What to think until the customers? Immediately the unseemly behavior is prevented, gone with a serious face in between, sarcastically asked if there is nothing to do are, maybe even to the serious four eye discussion. This situation is a cause for joy. Annually worldwide, the US management consultancy Gallup determined the commitment of employees. “Because of millions of questionnaires, Gallup able to determine relationships between words and facts is that common sense” never would have to uncover. “One of these extremely surprising relationships exists between the statement I have a good friend at work” and the productivity of companies. It is not without a certain irony. Some companies prohibit private friendships in the workplace per service instructions or demonstrate at least that this is highly undesirable. Probably to stop the above described waste”of time. But companies and teams that have extremely good values in this statement to the friend at the workplace, working according to the studies by Gallup proven much more profitable.

Office Pesetas

Or this information is radically false and if so will the Royal family impose immediately a complaint for slander the publishers of both magazines or otherwise not leave me the accounts since the difference between what should have won the King with his salary since the year 1975 until today, assuming that you save entirely and that he spent nor a euro in nothing, and Fortune who say that it has is more than 1.5 billion euros two hundred fifty thousand million pesetas!.! Patricia Sverlo contained in a rey golpe a golpe (Ardi Beltza, 2000) that the King has saved 6 billion pesetas in Swiss banks, if things are distorted in the State. Why not is has sued the Royal House against this statement?. It is true that economic scandals have splashed on numerous occasions to Juan Carlos de Borbon and have served as evidence of the business that could be involved with entrepreneurs and persons of recognized honesty l: Javier de la Rosa, Manuel Prado Colon and Carvajal, Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos and Mario Conde. Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos reported having delivered billion pesetas to the monarch.

The General Prosecutor’s Office of the State intervened by alleged you insult the head of State but never knew the worst is that no one can investigate within the meaning of the nonsense enshrined in already mentioned article 56.3 of the Spanish Constitution: the person of the King is inviolable and is not subject to liability. Officially not known the King no other activity rather than of the head of State to receive income. And ball point but, with all due respect to constitutional order and the figure of the King, to this humble columnist accounts still squaring him as much as his son-in-law Inaki Urdangarin have a sueldazo as Chief Executive of Telefonica, as much as her sister Mrs. Pilar de Borbon figure as administrator of nine companies and by far that yield telecommunications businesseshighways and oil his cousin Carlos de Borbon is dedicated to that..

Office Secretaries

Regular exercise is fully in line with the trend in most Office specialists that resulted in a recent survey by Secretary plus Germany Munich, October 27, 2011: the World Health Organization recommends at least 30 minutes a day of sports, because: who moves much, can make even longer. Secretaries are included here obviously very front, shown in a recent online survey of special personnel service provider Secretary plus. Run, swim, and more: you are active in your spare time? “: this issue could be voted on for a month on the Internet.” Almost half of the respondents stated, several times a week to train. Athletic, sporty: the steam won’t assumes Secretaries, because most of them watch very consciously physical fitness and longs for movement in the spare time. As 79 per cent of all respondents exercise as balance their office work, more than half of them (49 percent) even at several days a week regularly.

Only each fifth survey participant (21 per cent) admitted that their activities are not so important. A high priority for Office professionals enjoy fitness and vitality. Make sure you aware on a healthy lifestyle movement known to being a major factor. All the more gratifying, that most Secretaries have so much fun in the sport as also the Secretary run 2011 has shown once again impressive, went at the around a hundred runners nationwide at the start and collected 4,000 euros for breast cancer Germany e.V.”, emphasizes Harriet AANS, Managing Director of Secretary plus Germany. To be continued next year. For all sports muffle incidentally a great opportunity to discover the joy of running. Another tip is to build the movement targeted in everyday life. “This can be a stroll in the lunch break, or from time to time, climb stairs rather than constantly taking the lift every step counts and improves the condition.” In September 2011, when the survey matched.

Secretary, a company specializing in employee solutions in the Office area plus employees on his website regularly gives the possibility to speak about important developments and trends in the profession. “October 31, it currently concerns the question: bun to go or menu: how to make your lunch break?” Via Secretary plus Secretary plus (, USG people is a division of the international recruitment agencies. Numerous external staff for Secretary working as a specialist for all skills of the Secretariat and management support plus. The range of services of the company with its headquarters in Munich ranges from classical temporary work-about recruitment to complex project management. With over 15 years of industry know-how Secretary is one plus the recognised partners of the industry. The locations of Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin Secretary offers specialized plus customers Recruitment solutions with highly qualified employees.

Catalan Administration

The first train line that was built on Spanish soil was made in Cuba. If! In that beautiful island on the other side of the pond, and although this floor many years ago that I stopped being Spanish, why not, the island is no longer beautiful. The 18th century is remembered above all by what happened in his early years, and not by the start of the construction of the train lines that were spreading throughout the Spanish geography almost from the second half of that century. Perhaps for this reason, the coming year will be commemorated on the second centenary of what I have reflected our dear court painter (Goya), in the box that contemplates what happened on the mountain of the Principe Pio. But there are still four decades to reach nearly half of the 21st century and adhere the second centenary of the construction of the second railway line in Spanish soil, i.e., the first line that you did in the Iberian peninsula. Construction (the line from Barcelona to Mataro), had a relevant fact which is hardly known and that I like to remember. Do you know what? Yes!, the construction of the first tunnel, the first on Spanish soil!. Almost 160 years ago that was built the first tunnel, and also very close to Barcelona. Perhaps that is why do not understand that the Catalan Administration (responsible for the works of the metro of Carmel) will come them down any that another House that had been in the district, i.e., the tunnel of an underground (cousin of the train) line in Carmel it had to fill concrete since apart from that Earth will swallow any other House in the neighborhood,, cracks appeared on multiple floors of neighbors their cost?, better not to talk. But it seems that the cousin came to cover but these days he speaks of washouts (already have counted 13), cracks (the account has been lost), stoppage of the circulation of other train lines (do not know exactly how many days will be not able to circulate these trains) and everything to do one more rail line to get to Barcelona, but the construction of this line, is not for one train, because trains arrive many.

Scientific Administration

It analyzed in the environment manufacter the execution of the tasks of each laborer, its movements and processes of work, perfecting them and rationalizing them gradual. As the period of Taylor was marked by its book Principles of the Scientific Administration (1911) that it concluded that the rationalization of the laboring work would have to be folloied of a general estruturao of the company who had to make use of a compatible architecture eats rationalization of the times and movements. Taylor assured that the industries of its time suffered of 03 (three) males: the systematic vagrancy of the laborers who reduced the production to keep its wages; the unfamiliarity on the part of the management of the routines of work and the necessary time for its accomplishment; the lack of uniformity of the techniques or methods of work. Identified these factors of risk, it created a system based on the intensification of the rhythm of work in search of the enterprise efficiency. The knowledge of Taylor if had perpetuated through the times for having carried through a complete analysis of the work, its times and movements, necessary standards of execution, specialization of laborers and of the direction and installation of a planning room. The useless movements were discarded whereas the useful ones were simplified, rationalized or casting. With use of the chronometer it can evaluate the time expense in the accomplishment of each movement, that added to the exit and open assembly times of the laborer of the production line to take care of its personal necessities, resulted in the call & ldquo; time padro& rdquo;. It was materialize theory of Adam Smith when times before, praised that: Amongst males of the routine, it would have the division of the work without the control of the work for the worker – these are the essential ingredients of the marxist analysis of the time transformed into product. At Barchester you will find additional information.

Public Administration

The world-wide economy is controlled for the giant corporations multinationals, that control the flows of capitals in the five continents, where the States had started to be its instruments of expression, of its wills. The globalization redefined a new econmica organization, increasing the differences between the developed countries and in ways of development. The real estate crisis in U.S.A. in 2008 spread the chaos in the Europe, the crisis of the sovereign debts in the Europe spreads the diffidence in all the markets of the World. The main stock markets of the Europe, United States and Asia reflectem profits or losses, consonant the results of the econmica activity of the United States, Europe and China. The measures of austerity that are to be adoptees, as form to decide the public debts can take the sick person to the death. (Source: Dalton Caldwell). In the Portuguese case, for example the great structural reforms of the State, of the Public Administration, the board, the fabric productive and the society in general, without which our country will not obtain to leave econmica crisis social, they had been not even still thought and arquitectadas. All we know of that the indebtedness leads to a weak growth, that leads to a reliable global crisis, of where diminishes the search and reduces the investment, that it leads, in turn, to a reduction of job creation.

The unemployment is great chaga of our times, this vicious cycle is to gain land, much aggravated by indetermination and disfuno of the politicians, therefore they are hostages of the great multinationals, that through its monopolista power mold the world, according to its economic interests. The world-wide economy needs an internal and external reequilbrio. Internally the countries have to create stimulatons to the economy, so that the private consumption increases, what it is not to happen, for the opposite, existing one strong retraco with the measures of austerity well. On the other hand, a external reequilbrio is necessary, that is, an increase of the exportations, form to compensate the domestic search in addition. When reflectir on evolution of the world-wide economy, I fear for difficult times, therefore ‘ ‘ the biggest disaster of a poor nation is that instead of producing wealth, it produces (Mia Couto) ‘ rich; ‘ , this is applied ipsis-verbis to the effective world-wide economic system, that is incapable to produce wealth, but that at the same time it produces richer and on the other hand poor.


A representative of the pharmaceutical industry says that the measures of the Administration to save 1,500 million in sanitary expenses will entail the loss of 500 jobs. This type of arguments leaves cold me. Rather: me conturba the one that puts in front interests of group to the benefit of the society as a whole. He is as if the tobacco planters complained about the preventive norms tobacco addiction or the manufacturers arms by the prohibition their free sale to the individuals. The important thing, in the subject of the health, is to fight against the sanitary waste that stimulates in addition the corruption, when prescribing the doctor certain drugs, or the uncontrol of many prescriptions that until are resold in the black market.

So what. In any case, what wants that it says to them, the decisions taken for the saving of our system of health seem to me pacatas and until ridiculous. The decisive thing would be to end those homemade medicine kits in which we stored all type of medecines, many of expired them. Only with reducing them to half much would be saved more than those thin 1,500 million. And, of step, we would avoid many problems produced by the automedicacin, with the new sanitary cost that they generate. And it is that we have thought that the public attendance of this country is a limitless manna, in that any pain justifies that a TAC or a magnetic resonance becomes, any disinclination justifies that an ambulance is used and any medecine request deserves that a prescription fills up. to follow thus, soon the 100% will not arrive from our GIP to take care of the cost sanitary. That, without counting with the thousands of foreigners many of them with the covered kidney who come to our country exclusively to operate and to be taken care of like princes with expensive treatments. By all that, fodder that our politicians are cowards, when raising the cuts. If some type of payment settled down, at least symbolic, by each medical act, we would see what soon the long tails in the consultations would disappear and the true patients could be taken care of very many better. Original author and source of the article.

Business Administration

Nowadays a key precondition at any University of the studies is characterized by mathematical applications in almost every subject. The Administration assumes an interest in mathematics which go beyond basics from graduating. A solid knowledge of mathematics is very important for many calculations, E.g. formulas to derive and to apply. With an individual effort and commitment complex and Abstract published bills can succeed at first glance. A lot more sophisticated and scientific design the studies at universities, as for example functions with several variables in numerous lectures have a more abstract character is.

The level of the math lecture is considerably higher and not comparable with past school, so that in particular the pace quite brings a sweat. Supplemented with topics of sequences and limits, differential and integral calculus, optimization problems and matrices and Vector calculus is the math several times more in detail. Through additional mixing subjects such as The studies for many students fails economics and statistics, which cover many different areas, mainly due to mathematical shortcomings. Because mathematics was formalised by people, it can be understood by people. Although much easier one, if you’re good in mathematics, an individual preparation and participation is essential.

A certain enthusiasm for mathematics in the study of business administration is a requirement initially at the University at zero to start again. Although the content as well as the difficulty varies from University of to University, and from federal State to federal State, the mathematics in the business has an important role study. Barchester is the source for more interesting facts. Testimonials of many students show that mathematical lectures present no problems at universities of applied sciences with individual talent and fun figures. The mathematics here covers the areas of financial mathematics, differential and integral calculus and linear algebra and linear programming, without having to go often deeper in the matter. As a student, you get the impression the courses with high Number of participants are designed that many fellow students do not pass. The call to reduce the number of students through difficult and overloaded proof, retreats is liable in particular to the mathematical subjects in undergraduate. If the Professor still thinks harder to make exams as it was discussed in the lecture, known failure rates arise beyond 50 percent. BWL limited studies not only on the knowledge of the relationships between individual operating units, but also abstract ways of thinking. Mediated by the mathematics it is far not to correct or higher University mathematics in terms of a pure math or computer science studies. Pretty low initial knowledge is sufficient in the statistics, the pace in the mathematical subjects is higher than in the school, if only sequences and series must be prevailed. It is important not to panic and to not too much worry about possible difficulties in studying. Even if functions in the main study are more demanding and by elective added new mathematical areas, with exercise to create.

Public Administration

This fact is producing that many women in these circumstances have made the decision to create their own company or to create their own job, being useful acquired the labor and professional experience. – Changes in the social surroundings: Traditionally, the women always have been able to much less take part time in the professional activity that the men. The main one of very ingrained the social costumary obstacles is the existence and that little by little, over the years, has been changing and, the woman is acceding to the world of the work of one more a more regular form. Factors that have favored this insertion are: – Marriages to age more outpost. – Planning of the maternity.

– Independence of the woman in the scope of the pair. – Increase of PS, as they can be, the infantile schools. – Increase of the familiar consumption. – Longer Life expectancy. These changes affect a greater availability of time on the part of the woman and its economic independence. – Changes in the labor market: The progressive diversification of the work market and the more and more essential paper of the specialization to be able to cover certain needs are decisive factors in the access of the women in the labor scope. From the transformations that are taking place they derive the following consequences: – The woman has demonstrated her capacity, even though profiteer in a percentage very lifted is not had.

– The feminine professional competition has been increased. – An acceptance of the woman like professional in nonqualified jobs not only Exists. Although the woman is every day better prepared, actually, its access to the cupolas of direction of the companies continuous being very difficult. The professional qualification of the woman and its incorporation to the labor world have represented a great change of articles of incorporation. As much the deprived companies as the Public Administration still are praised/poured off mainly to engage men for responsibility positions.

STAS EasyAdmin

New version of the administration tool provides Cognos Reilingen for more efficiency in the management of BI technology IBM, 23.02.2012 of a few clicks and optimized Ergonomics make the new version of the tried and tested tool platform STAS easyAdmin for Cognos to an indispensable support for Cognos administrators. From the practice for the practice, which was and is the driving force behind many of our development, so version 1.2 “, says Matthias Bauer, product manager at STAS. Most of the functional enhancements of the STAS easyAdmin for Cognos we have implemented at the suggestion of our customers. “So we can be sure that the we cover all the essential requirements of IBM Cognos administrator.” The Stas easyAdmin for Cognos, be made easier the tasks at introduction, operation and further development of BI software many times administrators. Administrative activities which Cognos entail considerable manual effort in IBM, can be done automatically thanks to the efficient tool. This is confirmed by Frank and others Schaffer, at the count + care GmbH responsible for basic IT services: the STAS easyAdmin for Cognos reduced user management to a few clicks of the mouse. These routine activities are implemented much faster.” The additional scope 1.2 further increases the productivity and efficiency of the administration.

Among the highlights are a much easier layout or structure of the panels, which significantly reduces the number of clicks in implementing a correct concept. Through the use of user-friendly register mapping each desired function can be found quickly. With advanced management, you can most easily analyze now complex and evolved structures in the role – and group assignment with the user admin and clean up. For each user is instantly recognizable, he is assigned to which groups, and roles. Also user can be mapped directly to, this is in addition to minimize the number of mouse clicks in the implementation of authorization concepts.