Public Administration

This fact is producing that many women in these circumstances have made the decision to create their own company or to create their own job, being useful acquired the labor and professional experience. – Changes in the social surroundings: Traditionally, the women always have been able to much less take part time in the professional activity that the men. The main one of very ingrained the social costumary obstacles is the existence and that little by little, over the years, has been changing and, the woman is acceding to the world of the work of one more a more regular form. Factors that have favored this insertion are: – Marriages to age more outpost. – Planning of the maternity.

– Independence of the woman in the scope of the pair. – Increase of PS, as they can be, the infantile schools. – Increase of the familiar consumption. – Longer Life expectancy. These changes affect a greater availability of time on the part of the woman and its economic independence. – Changes in the labor market: The progressive diversification of the work market and the more and more essential paper of the specialization to be able to cover certain needs are decisive factors in the access of the women in the labor scope. From the transformations that are taking place they derive the following consequences: – The woman has demonstrated her capacity, even though profiteer in a percentage very lifted is not had.

– The feminine professional competition has been increased. – An acceptance of the woman like professional in nonqualified jobs not only Exists. Although the woman is every day better prepared, actually, its access to the cupolas of direction of the companies continuous being very difficult. The professional qualification of the woman and its incorporation to the labor world have represented a great change of articles of incorporation. As much the deprived companies as the Public Administration still are praised/poured off mainly to engage men for responsibility positions.