Month: October 2015

Sushi – Fast Food Made In Japan

A new star in the sky Fast Food: Sushi – fast healthy and easy! Fast, easy, unfortunately not very cheap and yet increasingly popular: Sushi. The streetscapes of many cities changed from time to time. New trend in Germany’s large cities are sushi bars where more and more business people to take small portions of healthy, food-rich and fast. The system at the traditional sushi concept the hungry at a circular bar counter take place. The sushi chef served a continuous band from the center of the circle and places serve fresh fish variations on the band. Normally different price variations with different colors are marked, E.g.

red for 0.99 is blue for 1.99, yellow for 2.99, etc., It uses as many times as you want and will be billed at the end of the meal based on the plate. Wasabi, soy sauce and Ginger get added brought the enthusiastic eaters at every sushi meal free. Traditional and also in Germany to renounce sushi restaurants on knife and fork and completely rely on the Chopsticks. All-you-can-eat more and more put well-known sushi chains on the principle of all-you-can eat. Somewhere between 10 and 20 euro usually very attractive offers in which everyone can feast what the heart desires are in the price range. But remember: tuna, salmon, and other high-quality fish have high purchase prices, which is why at the offered all-you-can eat often much cheaper vegetable product is wrapped up buffet and self service stores and the high-priced items are not offered. Therefore beware of Internet reviews because just on the all-you-can-eat market many black sheep where romp is a Japanese all-you-can eat buffet quickly the Chinese dumping frozen sushi developed.

Convenience products the demand for sushi has attracted also the attention of the relevant food producers and so can be found nowadays “fresh” and frozen sushi in almost any well stocked supermarket. Look at these products on the shelf. Fresh fish is very prone to You buy at best never “fresh sushi” from the fresh counters demonstrating less than two days minimum shelf life date on bacteria and salmonella. The right dining-wise the sushi-eating is only right to pleasure if one has internalized the right food culture. You get usually when visiting a sushi bar extra bowls for the soy sauce. In this dish, mix the soy sauce with the existing wasabi and vote as a pleasant sharpness. Take only the fish of the sushi roll and dip these in the soy Wasabi mixture and then place it on the rice ball. Access both with the chopsticks again, then eat it. Before you eat other fish varieties neutralise the taste in my mouth with ginger. White wine is matching. We wish you here a good appetite and much fun during the next visit to the sushi bar of your choice. Picture: IreneIs / PIXELIO

Managing Director

communication measures pleased Erfolgreiche Agency since kapo developed the cornerstone of internal communications by Cisco in close dialogue and constructive cooperation. In addition to a sound brand analysis and targeted brand positioning in particular the elaboration of a brochure, the design of this website included the development of various measures for the internal communication, such as business stationery, forms, PowerPoint presentations with our advanced image communication we have to position the company not only as a premium service provider, but also as a premium employer. We could contribute to with our image communication, that Cisco is one of the selected companies, which operate an effective and innovative business communication and that is to have been awarded. Before the communication activities to the image formation have all staff orientation and supports identification. Please explain in simple, direct manner the philosophy and strategy. The loyalty and motivation of employees, attractive employers to consider the Cisco telephone service GmbH, has increased as a result”, as Thomas Kohl, Managing Director of da CAPO.

The German Award for business communication through his unique and successful concept is now one one of the most prestigious awards in the communications and media industry. The competition was initiated in the year 2000 and has in the past decade to the lighthouse project”the College developed fur Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin. The jury is recruited from the business communication, communication design and international media computer science courses. Cisco was clearly the winner of hearts”, Lia Deinert, student at the College, with a voice from the jury reported. All of the finalists that have come on the shortlist may feel victorious.

“Because they have all gone through a very tough assessment of the jury,” the Senior Professor Dr. Reinhard Roski stressed in his eulogy. da CAPO with visions of innovation the company as kapo heard since 1986 to the most prestigious owner-managed creative agencies in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The range includes the strategic brand management and care with integrated communication media and the interdisciplinary orientation of classic and new. The Furthern their special commitment introduced an award as a top employer in Germany already in regard to human resources management. Bavaria is the first excellent company among the TOP100 for outstanding innovative achievements and the successful think tank as a communications service provider several times. More agency info under: Cisco a strong partner with heart, mind and vision Cisco acts as a standalone communication companies and puts the focus on call center services for the insurance industry. As wholly owned subsidiary of the ERGO direkt. ERGO Insurance Group is in the companies she incorporated the Munich Re Group, with more than 17 billion euros in premiums is one of the major European insurance groups and is the market leader in Germany. In December 2009, Cisco has completed the recertification with 100%. Audited were complying with industry standards (ISO) in the areas of management, privacy /-security, personnel and technical infrastructure. More information about Cisco:

Bag-in-bag: The Pocket Hopper Says Ade

The Pocket hopper convinced the Pocket hopper with style and trendy sophistication Cologne, May 20, 2010 convinced in the casually elegant design with numerous page subjects, network and zip pouch. He ensures the elaborate organization of each handbag style and logical. “Questions like where is my powder?” or did I forget my keys? “are past. Important information in one place, with one hand from the Office bag in the leisure bag packed. Whether in business, in everyday life, sports or in the evening, the Pocket hopper is rapidly becoming the loyal and reliable companion. Another outfit, other handbag. How often we’re wasting time with the reorganization what needs doing with”, are annoyed, because we have forgotten what we are looking for or simply can’t find? The Pocket hopper of Cologne designer Antje Kuhn is modern, bold and practical.

The range includes four fashionable colors, more designs will be available in the near future. In the elegant DesignBox the Pocket hopper also serves as a great gift. The Pocket hopper is available online at. You send contact requests and orders like: ThalerPR. MAREN Thaler Bachemer str. 42a 50931 Koln tel: + 49 221 99 20 58 52 fax: + 49 221 99 20 58 08 mobile: + 49 177 8 44 09 01 eMail: web: