Month: January 2016

Minibus Taxi

Minibus taxis – most likely the most convenient form of transport in cities of Ukraine and in the cities of most countries of the cis. Compete in popularity with the shuttle can probably except underground, although this is still a question because they often do not cover the entire metro area of the city, and in order to get to the subway, you need to use ground transportation. Of course there are those cities in which shuttles are not as popular as, For example, tram, bus or trolley, but the number of such settlements is not large enough, despite the fact that urban transport enjoys high popularity among individual categories of people – "hare." Moreover, that the city's public transportation is often much slower taxi, but at the same fare, much lower than taxi in popularity. So why do taxi has become so popular? Here we must draw attention to some differences routes, and ensure that they are so very popular among passengers. First, you should pay attention to the speed of minibuses significantly higher than the other public transport, which is very important for people hurrying to work or to work. In practice, faster taxi can only be a subway (especially considering the fact that Subway construction is justified only in large cities where traffic congestion on the streets are a problem), and possibly trams – when their motion is separated from other traffic movements (ie light rail). In addition, passenger important factor is that the shuttle can "catch" in any place of the route and request stop "on demand", which is particularly important when the place of disembarkation / embarkation significantly remote from public transport stops.

Of course we can not pay attention to the fact that the shuttle usually has a more extensive network of routes, in comparison with other urban transit that can be explained by the ability (and willingness) to carry passengers for less intense and shorter routes. But above the positive differences from the rest of the ground public transport and provide basic disadvantages taxi, the most weighty of which is significantly higher accident rate routes. Gonyas for a large number of passengers in minibus taxis, minibuses are often drivers in a hurry, there is little rest, and in an effort to make more flights deliberately refuse to comply with traffic rules (such violations can be attributed, and a stop on the "demand" in a prohibited place for this), which may create a dangerous situation for the road and cause accidents. Also in pursuit of increased earnings, taxi drivers do not use the services of the conductors and their own take and count the money and give delivery of passengers, distractions while from the road while driving. And of course they won just can not be attributed to plus taxi stampede in the rush hour, of which foreign tourists are remembered not only as the "extreme attractions (but fair to say say that this attraction is found not only in the taxi). Despite the fact that the taxi in many cities is the most popular vehicles, more comfortable to ride all the same taxi, but this is not all (or rather not always) afford most of the passengers. If we compare taxi with any other public transport, it is indeed, in most cases, the most convenient way to get around city.

Customs Clearance

Many companies who have to haul their goods across the border, are faced with problems such as customs clearance, customs clearance, customs clearance. Customs declaration is today prerequisite for the implementation of trade import and export operations. So, to your shipment finally overcame all obstacles on the way to the warehouse, work is needed coordinated team of specialists. That everything goes safely, contact the company that during his work in the market of customs services, has acquired great experience in customs clearance, customs clearance, customs clearance. What is a “customs clearance”? The word is firmly established in the modern Russian language and actually means the same as the customs clearance of goods, that is the procedure for placing goods under a certain customs regime and the completion of this regime in accordance with the law. Such complicated procedure, as customs clearance has many nuances and requires basic knowledge of customs laws.

Typically, experts will take care of all problems related to customs clearance instances: conduct analysis were requests for clearance of goods and determine the least costly conditions for its completion Create a customs declaration, the list of permits and other documents required for customs clearance ensure speedy passage of procedure of customs clearance and release of cargo with the least expenditure of time and money carry out the calculation of customs payments and other charges under the Customs legislation will assist in registration of customs declarations and related documents, as well as international contracts, passports, trade and shipping documents provide accounting and legal support import-export operations To provide our customers with a complete set of documents will assist in resolving disputes situations in the legal field, thus ensuring maximum flexibility in the design documentation for the implementation of the fea. Professionalism and expertise in the field of customs clearance of goods – Warranty prompt and smooth solutions for all the customs issues…


If you're in Vienna all day, as we have, then immediately advised to sit on the circular tram ride around the center of the breeze. So you can look at everything and liked the place back foot. Having passed a full circle, we went to one of the stops and began to systematically traverse all the sights of the old downtown. Unforgettable! The impression is that these buildings and churches created not from a stone, and woven delicate lace. Also noteworthy is absolutely every building. If there is the desire and money to spare, you can ride in a carriage around the center. This is a very popular, but, frankly, the passengers of these coaches were deeply elderly Germans. As a result, we decided to walk on foot.

And do not regret it! Finally, doroguschy tasted (almost 50 usd. for 4 pieces), but very tasty, Viennese pastries, we have sent your car to the side road tucked Pragi.Po 20 liters (28 euros) of gasoline. Decided to make a difference. It proved to be significant. The machine flew like a hurricane, consuming 6.5 liters accidents. By the evening of that day, we have successfully drank beer in a beautiful bar in Prague, glad that everything is going according to plan.

11-13 about Prague, I can not even distinguish one thing. This is crazy beautiful, impressive any imagination, and city. It seems to me that the first day of stay is not necessary to invent some special tours. Just walk around aimlessly.

Kiev Apartments

So what are the advantages of daily rent apartments in Kiev? Let's try to enumerate some of them. In the apartment you come as a home, so you do not need to mark each time at the reception, such as in hotel. You may at any time to bring a guest. It is also important that you do not need to pay extra for additional space, if you come with your family or large group to relax in Kiev. Rent an apartment – it's seclusion and calm.

Apartments are fully equipped. At your disposal with comfortable furniture, telephone, television, internet, balcony or loggia, kitchen with a range of accessories (microwave, refrigerator, stove, dishes). If you're lacking something, the company from which you rented an apartment can offer you is what you are missing, such as a laptop or home cinema. You need not worry for their safety because the doorways of houses where located apartment intercoms installed, combination locks or have the guards and concierges. In some apartments with enhanced security alarm system installed Accommodation in apartments for rent is much cheaper than in the hotel.

At the same time as a regular customer, you will definitely get a tangible discount on room rates. Incidentally, one of these companies engaged in apartments in Kiev is the center of Kiev Apartments, which left only good impression on the quality of service provided, as well as the quality of apartments. The fact that they have all the apartments are located in the city center, a relatively expensive per night – from 40.u.e. for one-bedroom apartment, and there are two rooms for 60 and three for 70 .. You can book 1, 2, 3-room apartment for a period of days to several weeks. Payment of apartments for rent. It is also possible to book an apartment online. Booking an apartment in Kiev is carried out on a minimum period of three days of your stay, and you have to do a prepayment for the first night stay in any convenient way for you: bank transfer, Electrical payment money, visa / mastercard. It is also possible to order additional services such as meeting guests from the airport and railway station. Note that it would cost every 5 cheaper than the taxi drivers will offer you at the station or airport. If you are planning a business trip or just a tourist trip to Kiev, not in a hurry call to the hotel and book your room, remember the advantages of renting apartments in Kiev and use services Company tsentrKiev Apartments.