If you're in Vienna all day, as we have, then immediately advised to sit on the circular tram ride around the center of the breeze. So you can look at everything and liked the place back foot. Having passed a full circle, we went to one of the stops and began to systematically traverse all the sights of the old downtown. Unforgettable! The impression is that these buildings and churches created not from a stone, and woven delicate lace. Also noteworthy is absolutely every building. If there is the desire and money to spare, you can ride in a carriage around the center. This is a very popular, but, frankly, the passengers of these coaches were deeply elderly Germans. As a result, we decided to walk on foot.

And do not regret it! Finally, doroguschy tasted (almost 50 usd. for 4 pieces), but very tasty, Viennese pastries, we have sent your car to the side road tucked Pragi.Po 20 liters (28 euros) of gasoline. Decided to make a difference. It proved to be significant. The machine flew like a hurricane, consuming 6.5 liters accidents. By the evening of that day, we have successfully drank beer in a beautiful bar in Prague, glad that everything is going according to plan.

11-13 about Prague, I can not even distinguish one thing. This is crazy beautiful, impressive any imagination, and city. It seems to me that the first day of stay is not necessary to invent some special tours. Just walk around aimlessly.