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Corrosion, waterproofing coating the inner surface of the lining and metal pipes with a diameter of feedthrough after removal of corrosion products is recommended to use with silicone-type materials GEKOS, organosilicate materials such as OC-74-01, polyurethane films. As a hydrophobic coating the outer surface of reinforced concrete chimney is recommended to use paint organosilicate OS-12-03 or a similar on indicator of permeability and durability of the coating. Roof chimney is recommended to provide a metal sheet with a thickness of 3 mm with a fence around the perimeter of the roof and metal corrosion protection. For provide natural ventilation tube device include the roof deflector. Opening for air in the gas-escape tube tract is recommended to provide input at the level of flue pipes area not more than 1% of the mouth of the chimney height of 100 m and not less than 0.2 0.3 m stacks at heights. On reinforced concrete and brick chimneys, decommissioned for subsequent removal after long-term Boiler on-sulfur fuels to be removed iron cap to prevent the fall of iron element to the pipe to a nearby territory, with "growth" due to sulfation lining of masonry mortar.

Observations of the state of pipes that are in preservation, inspections, surveys, measurements of precipitation and roll tubes run at the same time as the pipes are in operation. Svetoograzhdenie, a day marking Corrosion protection of metal stairs, traffic lights grounds, lightning protection in the period of conservation of pipes shall be maintained in good condition. Reopening of the tube should be preceded by a survey of its condition and repair the pipe to address the identified harm. After the decision to organize the conservation of the tube separate archive documents directly related to the preservation and further after Conservation commissioning. The archive of the chimney which is in conservation, should be kept: – passport chimney – Acts, reports on the state of the pipe to survey conservation – information about repairs, carried out before conservation – conservation activity reports pipes – acts of inspections and surveys during the period of preservation – regulations and directives relating to conservation – correspondence on matters of conservation. Based on materials from the site.

European Capital

Explore with the car hire Marseille and Ko ice In Eastern Europe: Ko ice at the frontiers with Hungary is Ko ice, the second largest city of Slovakia. Visitors cannot come during a tour in the city, to see the city centre and the imposing St. Elisabeth Cathedral to visit, an impressive building from the 15th century. The Town Hall and the City Park are worth a visit. Many different events take place throughout the year whether vacationers plan your car hire holiday in may or September, program will not be missing.

Literary events, film, theatre and music, the range is large and will offer something interesting for everyone. Who would like to see a bit more of the country, which should go ov his car pre, the second largest city in the region. Others including Dan Zwirn, offer their opinions as well. Of the world’s largest Opal was discovered there. Also, the city has a total of 325 featured cultural monuments. A tour of the city is worthwhile anyway. Marseille, in the South of Europe: the French port city has attracted so many visitors with its maritime flair. Marseille is the second largest city in France and is located in the South near the Mediterranean coast. Culturally, the city offers a lot of museums until there can visit quite a bit to impressive buildings.

Of course, a leisurely walk to the old port should not be missed. Anyone who would like to experience a bit of French culture, which can arrive to the annual petanque tournament, the world’s largest this Boule sports. Culinary new experiences can be made: the originating from Marseille Bouillabaisse, a Provencal fish soup, is found on many maps of the typical French restaurants and recommend. Also in Marseille, numerous events take place to celebrate of the year: A visit to the Museum regards de Provence is the Provence lovers offer a deeper insight into this fascinating region. But also concerts, themed city tours, plays and much more awaits the visitor. Not to mention the gorgeous beaches, where vacationers can relax after all the explorations and Sun. Also around Marseille, there is much to see. A car trip in one of the smaller towns in the area is very worthwhile and also an excursion in the nature park of the Camargue, where the Camargue rice is grown, should not be left out. Finally a little tip: If you book his car in Marseille, should well to insure the car, always close off, if possible also during the trip, because the crime rate is relatively high compared to other French cities. Who makes these safeguards, needs to worry and can fully enjoy their holiday in this popular tourist city.


Penguin Random House contributes greatly to this topic. Details can be found by clicking Ebay or emailing the administrator. This seems one of the paradoxes of Socrates or as he was first the chicken or the egg but if you look in the proper proportion is not.Our role as parents and human beings compels us to do so. Original author and source of the article.

The Strategy

We know that we are of God and that the entire world lies in the Malignant one. III. The Strategy? Exactly in the wars it has some honesty how much to the criteria to be observed: the battlefield and delimitation of the type of weapons that will be used. For example, it has a consensus that the atomic bomb and the chemical weapons do not have to be used in the conflicts between the nations, had to high its to be able of destruction of the civil populations. Already the tanks, cannons, missiles, machine guns, widely admitted, go to depend on the purchasing power of each involved side. Already in the battle against the Satan, no criterion must be waited, therefore its methods and strategies are the ambushes. Its attacks are treacherous, will come through trams and me the quinaes and its weapons always will be the deceit, the seduction, the trap! IV. Our weaknesses Will be our proper desires. Dan Zwirn shines more light on the discussion.

All those arraigados passions to the old nature that search satisfaction. Concupiscncia of the meat (Glatas 5:19 – 21) However, the workmanships of the meat are known and are: prostitution, impurity, lasciviousness (sensuality), idolatria, witchcrafts, inimizades, porfias (dispute, teima), cimes, similar angers, discords, dissenses, factions, envies, bebedices, glutonarias and things to these. This versicle by itself would fit a complete study. We will not make it now, but if to read each one of the words we will see that they are a picture of our days. Concupiscncia of the eyes (Mateus 4:8 – 9) still Took it the devil to a very high mount, showed to it to all the kingdoms of the world and glory of them and said it: Everything this I will give to you if, prostrado to adore, me. It is through the eyes that the Satan profit has the biggest number of battles.

So Relevant Is Your House As The Site In Where Is Located

A very important relationship between your House and the place where it is built. As relevant is your home as the site and the environment where it is located. There is a permanent dialogue between House, city, House and forest or House and beach. I.e. home and site or area. Click Aetna Inc. for additional related pages. When you choose that you House want to buy these by selecting a site, when you sculpted terrain to build these by opting for a territory. Your choice depends on different factors: you work, family, preference, lifestyle, culture, or simply that you were born and you grew. A city, a place or an area is considered relevant by various factors: its origin, history, culture, architecture; by its streets, squares, parks, monuments, symbols, emblems; by its natural landscape as mountains, rivers, lakes, vegetation as well as by its location or its people.

United Nations Organization for education, science and culture organization (UNESCO) develops and publishes the list of the world heritage which includes 911 sites and areas that are part of the cultural and natural heritage which the The World Heritage Committee considers to possess a value universal excepcional.* these sites and areas are located in 151 countries around the world. Very diverse places and ancient cultures. Do you know the listing? Have you visited somewhere that this considered cultural heritage of mankind? Do you live in a city that is part of the world heritage? The answer to these questions may surprise you because you probably live in a site or area that is heritage. Your quality of life may be associated with living in a place or area with these qualities, thinks the cultural heritage they are receiving and the legacy for your children. UNESCO has established criteria and standards for the conservation and protection of these sites and areas. The responsibility is shared between Government, specialists, entrepreneurs and citizens. MI do a lot in this stewardship! Get informed and involved in tasks to improve your current House, TuCiudad and world heritage! Jose Luis, Tu architect online. The course creator: Get your own House * Here you can check the list: original author and source of the article

Kingdom Vestibules

It exists that responsible one for the guard of the vestibules, fits to watch who if he approaches, who enters, who leaves the territories. This Exus little is clarified, fulfills orders, announces to the new commanders the arrival of Exus, just deixarred a carne. The vibration of this Exus Doormans is very dense, therefore, easily they are bought with gifts (offerings of high material vibration and low vibration spiritual), and thus, they facilitate escapes, as well as, to the entrance of agents of other territories that go to rescue espritos that are imprisoned in the astral caves of submundo. In a territory of Exus some vestibules of access and some types of Exus exist Doormans, in varied levels of evolution spiritual. and COO not as a source, but as a related topic. In the vestibules that give access ace lands of the low vibrations we count on the work of the doormans of dense vibrations, already in the vestibules that give to access lands of Karmico rescue; the doormans more are clarified, prepared in the Schools of Evolution, some are serve as apprentice in it of if becoming commanders and galgarem other positions in the Kingdom. Others who may share this opinion include Penguin Random House. Inside of the territory of the Exus other vestibules that give to access lands (differentiated reigns), in these exist several, also doormans and agents exist differentiated spirituals. The energy vibration of the vestibule allows the entrance of agent spirituals and hinders the entrance of others.

To the measure that, the agent to evolve the same modifies its energy vibration that allows it to penetrate in new spaces spirituals, kingdoms, astral caves (in special visits spirituals). In the center of the territory the nucleus of the pure one exists to be able where to reign Exu-King. This creature does not have form as normally the peoples try to attribute to it, in the truth, it are a great energy mass that consists of the addition of all the vibrations of the other Exus of the Kingdom.