Month: March 2017

Banks Collecting Debts

Temporarily suspend repayment of the loan principal and pay interest only (restructuring). Almost all banks in this go. 3. Their services as employee. 4. Lease of the collateral or other property. Because the bad loans have become a social problem, the banks also have hard times.

How did banks operate to collect debts? 1. First, the credit officer trying to negotiate or realize the collateral. 2. If you did not, the security service verifies that the borrower or guarantor other property. 3. Debt may be referred for collection the collector (see below). Debt can be transmitted collector only if the loan agreement on this so stated. 4.

It should appeal to the court. If the borrower has any assets, the bank will charge its own. If the property is not, the claim will be filed for a tick. After winning the case, the debt will be written off. 5. Simultaneously with the filing fees the bank to seize property of the debtor and the guarantor. The property will be removed after winning the case and put up for sale. How do collectors to collect debts? 1. Informal methods (threats, destroying property, the arbitrariness of the authorities) are used very rarely. 2. Psychological pressure – calls late at night and early morning (the time within the law), a sinister personality at the door or a car (no crime), etc. 3. Pressure on others – calls to friends, parents at work. What you need to keep in mind when negotiating? 1. Loan default – it does not stain on your conscience, and not a blow to the reputation, as usual economic process. So we should not cry at night and concentrate on solving problems and negotiate. 2. Agree always advantageous to both parties. 3. Bank does not need your property – it will need to use or sell. 4. Show emotion is useless – you deal with clerks who do their job. Tears and tantrums, they have seen enough. 5. Believe in the word can not be anyone – clerks will not be noble, or keep word. All agreements must be recorded on paper. 6. Time is working against you – if overdue bank is obliged to reserve the same amount, in fact, withdraw it from the business. 7. Sue can be very long – the courts swamped with lawsuits to recover the debt, a skilled lawyer can delay the process a couple of years. 8. Courts almost always side with the borrower – to charge a minimum. 9. After the entry into force of the court evasion of repayment of the loan becomes a professional offense. This is a very strong trump card for the bank. 10. Even if it comes to losing in court – life is not over. If you have something to recover – it will charge. If not – the bank will write off losses and leave you alone.

Capita District

The person in charge to provide the citizen security by means of the elaboration and exigency of the fulfillment on the part of his associates, the directed policies is the State to protect his life and its goods. He would be interminable to enumerate the amount of tangible activities and intangible that in a country they are affected by inefficiency in the prevention of disasters and such virtue he is advisable to reaffirm that, definitively, the physical security against the seismic risks, is constituted in one of the most appraised and necessary public goods. 2-PROCESS OF the INVESTIGATION In the methodologic development of the investigation two hypotheses were considered, considering that the disorderly urban development represents for the inhabitants of Bogota, serious risks before seismic events especially, those of lower layers that live in conditions of insecurity by the bad quality of their constructions; also, one considered the assumption that the authorities of urban planning and the organizations of aid, can be anticipated to the sequels by catastrophes of seismic origin, diminishing or annulling the factors of risk in proportion to his social interest and the degree of exigency in the application of earthquake-resistant measures. He is advisable to notice that this investigation of evaluative character presents/displays very particular characteristics, attributes, dimensions and properties in regard to the importance that it has against the existing policies in the matter of socioeconomic planning. It was necessary to resort to historical, scientific and practical sources, as well as to specialized works and empirical knowledge that of the subject the author has. The permanent consultation with professionals specialized in seismology, geology, geography, history, engineering and other specialties was determining to find the elements technicians who were used directly in the development of the investigation. Thus it was as were the following variables: Loss of human lives Uses of grounds Norms of urban planning Population increase Commitment of the scientific society Commitment of the civil society Quality of the residential constructions Preparation of the aid organisms Incidence in the socioeconomic development of the Capita District Knowledge of risks on the part of the population of Bogota Costs of the prevention in front of the sequels by lack of foresight It was necessary to resort to statistical data to realise the qualitative analyses and quantitative related to the problem of investigation and in such virtue, the following indicators worked: Loss of lives in high number and surprise form Hurt and mutilated with permanent sequels Civil engineer installation destruction Destruction and loss of houses Absolute poverty in great masses of population by loss of all goods Retrazo in the development plans Commercial increase of unemployment by closing of industries and sectors Breach in the policies of the Be in favor of immediate attention of emergencias Not planned international contractual commitments Appearance of new belts of misery Generation of violence by inefficiency of the State to take care of this type of emergencias. .

Catering And Party Services

With the right catering, a great success can be any event. Catering in Hanover and Lower Saxony throughout Lower Saxony catering services customers offer their services. This includes dish rental, tent rental, or the various finger food versions. The spectrum of services is great and perfect catering must no longer be left to chance. In a big city like Hannover services in the field of catering and party services are used very often. From a variety of catering companies, customers have the opportunity to find for his claims on the most appropriate. Especially in business nothing may be left to at a corporate event to chance. A planning is therefore very important in detail together with the caterer.

A personal consultation brings clarity about the individual wishes of the customer and all critical factors can be taken into account in the planning of the event. Every catering service strives to customer wishes and ideas to his options in the action. The services of catering services help customers the perfect design and implementation of operational meetings, staff training, conferences with important business partners and perhaps even annual operating Festival. The area of the Messecaterings should stay here never fails to mention. Just great events require a professional skills of the employees of the catering services. This includes not only the preparation and delivery of selected menus, but also a range of drinks which guests can enjoy with your senses. The simple mineral water up to fruity cocktails something be missing at any event.

The matching glasses belong and the tableware and cutlery. Even to the matching table decorations the catering have to worry if the customer wants. Creativity is what must draw from a catering company until far beyond the borders of Hannover. The necessary staff trained for any event, skilled in the tasks and friendly to all guests is should be self-evident to any catering service. Also in the private sphere, the catering WINS ever increasing importance. Celebrations such as weddings, silver – or Golden weddings, Holy communions or confirmations, the baptism and a round birthday more often provided by a catering service. At the private party buffet is scheduled also often, that focus in the preparation and decoration of the food at the respective event. This concerns also the dinner and a long time not only a decorative wedding cake. Just at a wedding the bride and groom would like to provide the perfect menu, so this day among the guests is unforgettable. In recent times can be increasingly to notice, the finger food creations are in the trend and constitute a change in the menu at each ceremony. A trained catering specialties is customised lovingly crafted fresh finger food prepare. Through the work of the mobile catering services are celebrating a success not only in Hanover and Lower Saxony, but mean special also for the customers and unforgettable hours he can enjoy the stress-free. Hans Becker


Definition of the auditors and accountants Many of the times are people who are confused, think that the auditors and accountants are, a single profession. The truth is that, the Auditors and Accountants are two different professionals that, in the majority of the cases is obtained in a single race. And the positions that evolve are the following: The auditors are professional with title of third level (university), who are in charge to review the following financial statements: General balance sheet, Earnings statement, Cash flow and State of Changes in the Patrimony; of several companies of a certain period, and soon it issues a report or opinion to the owner or general stockholders’ meeting, of how the accounting has been realised and that the financial statements before mentioned are reasonable. In the great companies the audit is obligatory, in others only when the owner asks to realise a special examination to a determined account or all the financial statements. Also Auditors exist who can realise other types of audits: Audit of Management, Audit Environmental, Audit of systems and many more. On the other hand, the accountants, are professional with title of third level, in accounting area, they are the one who realise the financial statements, later to be reviewed by an auditor. Also within this area, he is divided in some types of accounting as he details himself next.

Commercial or general accounting Is that one that is used in the businesses of purchase and sale of merchandises and services nonfinanciers. Examples: Warehouses of electric home appliances, footwear, dress, companies of transport, security and monitoring, etc.? Accounting of costs is especially applied in manufacturing, mining, agricultural companies and cattle Examples: factories and factories; but it is possible also to be used in companies of specialized or specific services. Examples. Hospitals, electrical and telephonies. Governmental accounting is applied in the companies and organisms of the State. Examples: State ministries, universities, etc.? Banking accounting or Financial East type of accounting it uses in the financial organizations to register deposits in current accounts and of saving, liquidation of interests, commissions, banking portfolios of credit, remittances, turns and other services. Examples: banks, administrators of bottoms, houses of change, cooperatives of saving and credit, mutualists and more. In summary, the Auditors and Accountants always are going to be bound to their profession and work; to be a good auditor, first he must be a good accountant and to prepare itself constantly in the changes of the effective laws in his country. Source: Note of Press sent by freddyhpa.