Capita District

The person in charge to provide the citizen security by means of the elaboration and exigency of the fulfillment on the part of his associates, the directed policies is the State to protect his life and its goods. He would be interminable to enumerate the amount of tangible activities and intangible that in a country they are affected by inefficiency in the prevention of disasters and such virtue he is advisable to reaffirm that, definitively, the physical security against the seismic risks, is constituted in one of the most appraised and necessary public goods. 2-PROCESS OF the INVESTIGATION In the methodologic development of the investigation two hypotheses were considered, considering that the disorderly urban development represents for the inhabitants of Bogota, serious risks before seismic events especially, those of lower layers that live in conditions of insecurity by the bad quality of their constructions; also, one considered the assumption that the authorities of urban planning and the organizations of aid, can be anticipated to the sequels by catastrophes of seismic origin, diminishing or annulling the factors of risk in proportion to his social interest and the degree of exigency in the application of earthquake-resistant measures. He is advisable to notice that this investigation of evaluative character presents/displays very particular characteristics, attributes, dimensions and properties in regard to the importance that it has against the existing policies in the matter of socioeconomic planning. It was necessary to resort to historical, scientific and practical sources, as well as to specialized works and empirical knowledge that of the subject the author has. The permanent consultation with professionals specialized in seismology, geology, geography, history, engineering and other specialties was determining to find the elements technicians who were used directly in the development of the investigation. Thus it was as were the following variables: Loss of human lives Uses of grounds Norms of urban planning Population increase Commitment of the scientific society Commitment of the civil society Quality of the residential constructions Preparation of the aid organisms Incidence in the socioeconomic development of the Capita District Knowledge of risks on the part of the population of Bogota Costs of the prevention in front of the sequels by lack of foresight It was necessary to resort to statistical data to realise the qualitative analyses and quantitative related to the problem of investigation and in such virtue, the following indicators worked: Loss of lives in high number and surprise form Hurt and mutilated with permanent sequels Civil engineer installation destruction Destruction and loss of houses Absolute poverty in great masses of population by loss of all goods Retrazo in the development plans Commercial increase of unemployment by closing of industries and sectors Breach in the policies of the Be in favor of immediate attention of emergencias Not planned international contractual commitments Appearance of new belts of misery Generation of violence by inefficiency of the State to take care of this type of emergencias. .