Definition of the auditors and accountants Many of the times are people who are confused, think that the auditors and accountants are, a single profession. The truth is that, the Auditors and Accountants are two different professionals that, in the majority of the cases is obtained in a single race. And the positions that evolve are the following: The auditors are professional with title of third level (university), who are in charge to review the following financial statements: General balance sheet, Earnings statement, Cash flow and State of Changes in the Patrimony; of several companies of a certain period, and soon it issues a report or opinion to the owner or general stockholders’ meeting, of how the accounting has been realised and that the financial statements before mentioned are reasonable. In the great companies the audit is obligatory, in others only when the owner asks to realise a special examination to a determined account or all the financial statements. Also Auditors exist who can realise other types of audits: Audit of Management, Audit Environmental, Audit of systems and many more. On the other hand, the accountants, are professional with title of third level, in accounting area, they are the one who realise the financial statements, later to be reviewed by an auditor. Also within this area, he is divided in some types of accounting as he details himself next.

Commercial or general accounting Is that one that is used in the businesses of purchase and sale of merchandises and services nonfinanciers. Examples: Warehouses of electric home appliances, footwear, dress, companies of transport, security and monitoring, etc.? Accounting of costs is especially applied in manufacturing, mining, agricultural companies and cattle Examples: factories and factories; but it is possible also to be used in companies of specialized or specific services. Examples. Hospitals, electrical and telephonies. Governmental accounting is applied in the companies and organisms of the State. Examples: State ministries, universities, etc.? Banking accounting or Financial East type of accounting it uses in the financial organizations to register deposits in current accounts and of saving, liquidation of interests, commissions, banking portfolios of credit, remittances, turns and other services. Examples: banks, administrators of bottoms, houses of change, cooperatives of saving and credit, mutualists and more. In summary, the Auditors and Accountants always are going to be bound to their profession and work; to be a good auditor, first he must be a good accountant and to prepare itself constantly in the changes of the effective laws in his country. Source: Note of Press sent by freddyhpa.