Sushi – Fast Food Made In Japan

A new star in the sky Fast Food: Sushi – fast healthy and easy! Fast, easy, unfortunately not very cheap and yet increasingly popular: Sushi. The streetscapes of many cities changed from time to time. New trend in Germany’s large cities are sushi bars where more and more business people to take small portions of healthy, food-rich and fast. The system at the traditional sushi concept the hungry at a circular bar counter take place. The sushi chef served a continuous band from the center of the circle and places serve fresh fish variations on the band. Normally different price variations with different colors are marked, E.g.

red for 0.99 is blue for 1.99, yellow for 2.99, etc., It uses as many times as you want and will be billed at the end of the meal based on the plate. Wasabi, soy sauce and Ginger get added brought the enthusiastic eaters at every sushi meal free. Traditional and also in Germany to renounce sushi restaurants on knife and fork and completely rely on the Chopsticks. All-you-can-eat more and more put well-known sushi chains on the principle of all-you-can eat. Somewhere between 10 and 20 euro usually very attractive offers in which everyone can feast what the heart desires are in the price range. But remember: tuna, salmon, and other high-quality fish have high purchase prices, which is why at the offered all-you-can eat often much cheaper vegetable product is wrapped up buffet and self service stores and the high-priced items are not offered. Therefore beware of Internet reviews because just on the all-you-can-eat market many black sheep where romp is a Japanese all-you-can eat buffet quickly the Chinese dumping frozen sushi developed.

Convenience products the demand for sushi has attracted also the attention of the relevant food producers and so can be found nowadays “fresh” and frozen sushi in almost any well stocked supermarket. Look at these products on the shelf. Fresh fish is very prone to You buy at best never “fresh sushi” from the fresh counters demonstrating less than two days minimum shelf life date on bacteria and salmonella. The right dining-wise the sushi-eating is only right to pleasure if one has internalized the right food culture. You get usually when visiting a sushi bar extra bowls for the soy sauce. In this dish, mix the soy sauce with the existing wasabi and vote as a pleasant sharpness. Take only the fish of the sushi roll and dip these in the soy Wasabi mixture and then place it on the rice ball. Access both with the chopsticks again, then eat it. Before you eat other fish varieties neutralise the taste in my mouth with ginger. White wine is matching. We wish you here a good appetite and much fun during the next visit to the sushi bar of your choice. Picture: IreneIs / PIXELIO