Legal Portuguese

The work, as much of Murilo Mendes as of Alexander O' Neill, discloses a great care around the word, a metalingustico exercise that makes with that the language ' ' limite&#039 reaches its; ' , allowing the understanding what Souza Days called ' ' heterolngua potica' '. The verse ' ' When to the men if to fundirem in only famlia' ' , that it appears in last estrofe of the human Legal-size poem, sends in them to another aspect of the workmanship of Murilo Mendes, gift also in O' Neill: the cosmopolita character, the desire of convergence between the peoples, the place and the foreigner. CITIZEN OF THE WORLD ' ' Already I walked for sailor, but I put eyeglasses and I was in terra' ' The myopia would have frustrated the dream of being marine of Alexander O' Neill, but did not hinder that the poet, as good lusitano, nourished in its workmanship nostalgia for the Portuguese cosmopolita past. For even more opinions, read materials from Ebay. As salient Silviano Santiago concerning the Portuguese people: ' ' People of sailors, the Portuguese finishes for exiling itself in proper terra.' ' The poems of O' Neill &#039 makes echo to this; ' voice antiga' ' , they reflect this feeling typically Portuguese, the homesickness, as well as cosmopolitismo of its author. DAQUI, OF THIS LISBON Daqui, of this compassionate Lisbon, Naples for Swiss inhabited, where the vile and extinguished sadness if disfara of more active people; daqui, of this proclamation of old voice, this traquejo fierce of motoreta or the other of people more selecta that wheel the four ndega and the belly daqui, of this incandescent tile, the door-sill of life and piaaba of the suspended drawn one in the west, of the ramudo tristlho that it is erased; daqui, only patience, friends mine! They catch soneto there and they go with God Conscientious of the effective ditatorial order in Portugal, where ' ' sadness vil' ' it encircles to all, O' Neill seems, in this poem, fondness ' ' gritar' ' to the world what it happens in its parents, where a threatening reality curtails the individual rights. .