Woodburning Stoves

A stove is Woodburning stoves and Pellet stoves of almost all German manufacturers with natural stone panels by Uniqueline an effective, cheap and obvious way of wood fuel. A stove to burn off the fuel and most meaningfully, climate-friendly and long-lasting in the environment give the heat generated is obvious. The furnace Builder Max blank whose stoves of not only highest quality standards meet, but at the same time develop the broadcasting of a through and through design-oriented furniture piece, is an another furnace producing, whose products represent basic models for Uniqueline Austria. Uniqueline natural stone stoves save the released heat from burning through the inner heat and leave Warmespeichermasse delay on the environment the absorbed heat up to 18 hrs. A large volume of storage mass absorbs large amounts of heat, which then delayed and evenly as particularly soothing and gentle perceived radiation heat emitted can be. The fireplace receives back enormous encouragement through this change, through the stone he is refined to the piece of furniture. A Uniqueline natural stone heater or natural stone fireplace is not like the neighbor or friend, do this to make more than 200 Uniqueline natural stone panels. Home decor means individuality – it is what makes this home decor the individuality, but to offer more than just a retreat room after work.

Nothing conjures up a so high level of relaxation and humdrum and romantic atmosphere full of warmth and cosiness in the homely living room like the playful flickering of a fireplace. Surfaces made of high-quality Uniqueline stone, such as textured granite or a pleasant marble and sandstone give each product a face of its own. A great diversity in effect and appearance offer only natural stones. Each stone is unique with many million years history of the Earth in an unlimited variety of shapes, colors, inclusions and grains with timeless elegance and beauty but never evenly and certainly not happen a second time in exactly the same composition or appearance of a natural stone.