Weak Module

The SolarConsult AG offers immediately a new premium module with a 10-year product guarantee. At Ebay you will find additional information. The SolarConsult AG offers immediately a new premium module with a 10-year product guarantee. The new solar panel SC 170 M, which was presented to a wide television audience for the first time on the 4th of July in Baden-Wurttemberg are the experiences from more than seven years of system integration and decades of module production made in Germany”incorporated. The warranty at no extra charge. It applies to all modules of this type which will be delivered on August 1, 2009 in Europe. The successful Freiberg photovoltaic provider thus alludes to his philosophy, always a valuable investment of its customers to focus, supports new standards in the European PV market and creates additional planning security for investors. Out the properties of the module are above all the innovative cell technology with improved, in addition to the hard criteria that are twice as much used as prescribed by the TuV, Weak-light performance, the robust junction box with 3 bypass diodes, and last but not least the homogeneous color with a fine Pinstripe look.

Addition, generous margins between cells and module frames were established, which prevent yield losses due to sediment. “The SolarConsult AG stands for competence in photovoltaics,” says Marten Zotner, who is responsible for the products of the photovoltaic provider 2005. We have high standards our products, we owe our customers, which rightly set great expectations for us. Finally, for many customers, it’s the biggest investment of their lives. The above-average and stable income for decades can only be guaranteed through components, that meet our own strict criteria.” For their all-round – service and cover all services, from consulting to monitoring, exactly the company is so well known as the special switching concept and new innovative complementary products in the field Photovoltaic.

The portfolio was so recently by a series of universal monitoring of PV – products from the House of the Swabian solar forge”added. “SolarConsult AG: the SolarConsult AG has become since starting as a sales company for photovoltaic systems in 2003 to a system supplier with own products made in Germany” and becoming a fixture in the German photovoltaic market established. With over 70 employees nationwide and since then more than 1500 photovoltaic projects were realized in Croatia, subsidiary. Since late 2008, daily two photovoltaic systems leave the central warehouse average on the way to new customers, with an upward trend.