The reasons are different, but the fact is that always come out news about prepaid cards in the media. If you did not, only in Spain, there are more than 15 million of prepaid cards. Esstos data are much more concrete since November 9, 2007, entered into force the law that requires users to identify themselves when buying this kind of phone cards. A few months ago many people tube that mobilized to not lose your phone number, since if they were not identified they lost this number. You simply had to identify with the DNI, passport or foreigner identity card. The case is that the companies should identify with your tax ID card. Finally, millions of people and businesses were identified although it was decided to give a few days more to the stragglers. The case is that these prepaid cards are still on everyone’s lips, mainly by the cost of their fares.

Finally, many of the large companies have begun to take notice to the users of the cards prepaid and they are giving them certain offerings which previously could not enjoy. Orange, Vodafone, Movistar, are some of the best known, but we must not forget other companies that do good deals to its customers of card prepaid as it is the case of Orbitel company. Do you see it? By a few things or other prepaid cards are always in the limelight.