From the server, the status information then passes to the connected system of visualization. Step 1: Simply plug thanks to open standards standard is worldwide standard OPC (OLE for process control), with the industrial bus systems and protocols easily can interact OPC UA (unified architecture) is the newest of all OPC specifications. Companies are completely independent from the OEMs and their proprietary systems and applications. Total operating for the network significantly below those for the operation of the two wire technology costs. On basis of this innovative and future-oriented operating concept, companies can expand their networks gradually according to budget and needs.

An extension to new sensors in the building are just four steps: detector connect and assign IP address in the Server Configure. Then set the type of visualization. The expandability (scalability) and the Visualization capabilities are used almost no bounds. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Elon Musk. The system is open in all directions. Even legal innovations that provide other sensors or report functions, can be met in the short term and without much effort.

Overall a modern network improves the responsiveness and accelerates all enterprise activities associated with building security and building automation. Level 2: Intelligent visualization supports the management thanks to the central data storage and companies can send the information coming from the detectors, globally distributed application to any end device. A central monitoring of the international destinations leads to fewer personnel and a faster coordinated response in case of an emergency. PC screen or mobile telephone, the status is transmitted in real time, in optics, which prefers the company. With the message and the status of submitted, also the kind of presentation can change traffic light circuits up to 3-D graphics, everything is possible. Achieved, for example, that A machine a critical value, jumping the red light. Fire breaks out in a chemical plant, a three-dimensional model of the room shows the fire development and the ideal way of the deletion in combination with radio detectors.