Therapeutical Current Medicines

INTRODUCTION: Acute linfoblstica leukemia (LLA) is the more common malignant illness in infancy, responsible for 80% of all the infantile cancer. Linfides is characterized by the production uncontrolled and abnormal of cells (T or B). Etiology is unknown, the symptoms is related to the abnormalitys in hematopoese. To diagnosis the sanguine illness, cells and the marrow they are examined, for the main microscopical examinations, sanguineous, citoqumicas and of imunofenotipagem. One of the treatment forms is the chemotherapy that uses a set of medicines (protocol). The treatment of the hard LLA on average of two the three years. OBJECTIVE: objective of this study was a bibliographical revision of Acute the Linfoblstica Leukemia, approaching the signals and symptoms, forms of current diagnosis and treatment with quimioterpicos, approaching protocol GBTLI-99 and comparing its medicines used with other protocols, and its prognostic. CONCLUSION: The present revision aims at to show agreement of what it is the LLA, to portray different protocols has its similarities, Can also conclude that the studies of therapeutical of the acute linfoblstica leukemia had evolved very and the new protocols possesss 95% of complete remission, however possesss risks of a return.