The Strategy

We know that we are of God and that the entire world lies in the Malignant one. III. The Strategy? Exactly in the wars it has some honesty how much to the criteria to be observed: the battlefield and delimitation of the type of weapons that will be used. For example, it has a consensus that the atomic bomb and the chemical weapons do not have to be used in the conflicts between the nations, had to high its to be able of destruction of the civil populations. Already the tanks, cannons, missiles, machine guns, widely admitted, go to depend on the purchasing power of each involved side. Already in the battle against the Satan, no criterion must be waited, therefore its methods and strategies are the ambushes. Its attacks are treacherous, will come through trams and me the quinaes and its weapons always will be the deceit, the seduction, the trap! IV. Our weaknesses Will be our proper desires. Dan Zwirn shines more light on the discussion.

All those arraigados passions to the old nature that search satisfaction. Concupiscncia of the meat (Glatas 5:19 – 21) However, the workmanships of the meat are known and are: prostitution, impurity, lasciviousness (sensuality), idolatria, witchcrafts, inimizades, porfias (dispute, teima), cimes, similar angers, discords, dissenses, factions, envies, bebedices, glutonarias and things to these. This versicle by itself would fit a complete study. We will not make it now, but if to read each one of the words we will see that they are a picture of our days. Concupiscncia of the eyes (Mateus 4:8 – 9) still Took it the devil to a very high mount, showed to it to all the kingdoms of the world and glory of them and said it: Everything this I will give to you if, prostrado to adore, me. It is through the eyes that the Satan profit has the biggest number of battles.