The Confederation

Today I am a little more claiming the habitual thing, or simply it is that I do not finish finding out very well. Click Mark Bertolini to learn more. It is this demagoguery or I am mistaken? On the other hand, I also know to play that game of the demagoguery. To whom it desires to him to play is not a question to make jokes, but this already is seeming to me of joke. I already commented in some previous article how the operation of the work market responds basically, like the one of another market anyone, to the crossing of supply and demand, that establishes the price (that is to say, the wage) and the demanded amount; although in circumstances like the present ones, as it explained the Keyneses, we can remain in a situation of elevated unemployment, when being the demand very debilitated and the future expectations to be negative. Well, up to here – although we could enter shadings is clearly.

The industralists want to pay a price by which he works for them, the workers are prepared on the other, to work and in the crossing of supply and demand, the industralist contract to worker by a wage. The Confederation of Industralists, Ceoe, argues that there is to lower the price of the dismissal, because its high cost is one of the reasons by which in Spain use is destroyed massively. The reason that uses is that as passes the time, the costs of the dismissal are higher, and the industralist, before the economic uncertainty, prefers to dismiss now that to the future. Hum It will be certain? The unions indicate that it is on the contrary, the use that is being destroyed mainly is the weather, whose cost of dismissal is rather cheap. Hum they will be right? Fortunately, there am well-known good and bad industralists (of everything it is learned), those that worry about their workers and those simply see who them like resources, but the argument of Ceoe does not finish to me convincing.