Subordinated Workers

For 1911 return, was defended the form and the control on the subordinated workers, making with that they obtained to reach the productivity predetermined. The more routine activities had been if becoming each time and instead of punishment it was created I inhabit of that the money would be the main source of incentive and motivation. Believing that this would be the best way to receive the workers in the companies. With the sprouting of a new administrative model one perceived it importance of the people and its totality, promoting the recognition of each person making with that the work or position is felt useful and important for that assumes. Bergamini (1997, P. 22) affirms that ‘ ‘ the motivation was, at this moment, being considered integrant part of a group process, giving, thus, to antiga’ ‘ cenoura’ ‘ new aspecto’ ‘. The leader became main the responsible one to inside motivate and to create relations of the organizations, contributing directly with good results of company.

To create a leader capable to influence its led of form that they arrive at a common result, bringing benefits efficient for the company. In accordance with Chiavenato (2004, P. 163), ‘ ‘ the leader motivates the people, raising its auto-they esteem and its feeling of realizao’ ‘. It is verified that to manage people it is to manage emotions having that this chemical preparation to deal with diversities of situations perceiving that an activity to be developed and with it we obtain to get the best way to use correct tools and to take off advantage of each situation. In this process it is had that to be always intent the situations of our day the day thus, we sharpen our abilities to the front of the problems that can appear. Considering the displayed one above, this work searchs to present of clear and objective form the importance of the leader for the development of a team.