Soviet Bath

It is also beginning to think the appointment of future plumbing, whether it is indoor or outdoor plumbing installation. Accordingly, if a plumber under the flush-mounted (hanging toilet system installation built inside the walls or partitions, toilet cistern hidden under the floor or mixers, and mechanical parts are walled in a wall), it is necessary to dissolve the entire water supply and sewerage system before finishing work will begin. To do this you need the fittings, pipes, valves and other components. In this case, strongly encourage you not to spare money and buy only quality components. Because all the wiring is installed once and then it will be bricked up and tiled. This means that in case of any problems due to defective plumbing, it is difficult to guess to divorce pipes.

Also, when selecting plumbing necessary to pay attention to ergonomics. Plumbing must be the most functional, easy to use and care as well as comfort. Because the plumbing is chosen once and for long-term operation, should take a responsible approach to this issue, then to the use of purchased plumbing does not pop up a variety of shortcomings and defects. Advise in the design of sanitary zone, appeal to designers and engineers. They will help you to competently and functional plan future sanitary zone. This is especially true in older homes, in apartments of Soviet-built. Where is the workspace as limited.

Some elements of the plumbing (installation systems, tanks for toilets, faucets, shower panels and systems for the soul) can be built or bricked up inside the wall. That will allow you to expand free space. Today is a very popular acrylic baths. They are not as heavy as cast iron bathtub, have the same heat capacity, easy to install and do not create sound effects, such as metal stamping bath. Another advantage of acrylic baths, a huge selection of configurations, sizes, colors and stylistic direction. Accordingly, the question arises about the choice. How to choose the right bathtub? When selected, the plumbing is pay particular attention to the thickness and quality acrylic that of the bath. High-quality acrylic most resistant to wear and easily restored and polished even with significant damage. Also, the material bath must be clean and meet all the technical and sanitary requirements, which confirms the existence of a certificate of quality from vendors. There are lots of manufacturers of bathrooms, if you want to find rewarding acrylic bathtub, but without huge costs. Choose a Czech manufacturer of sanitary ware, such as ravak or riho. If not quite a great price for the products is very admirable quality and plumbing materials. Also there is a bath of well-known international manufacturer of sanitary ware: duravit (Germany), laufen (Austria), ideal standard (European companies) in the collections of which there is a relatively expensive plumbing.