Sennheisers New Gaming Headset

The PC 300 G4ME offers perfect sound for the PC 300 G4ME is a light-weight designed for gamers with great sound experience specifically. Good sound and light luggage were so far hard to connect, your favorite headset often heavy and unwieldy. The new in-ear headset PC 300 G4ME with integrated microphone and volume control requires hardly any more space than a matchbox with its slim design and offers still outstanding sound quality: if playing, making telephone calls and listening to music via laptop or media player. Full concentration on the game through the in-ear design of the PC 300 G4ME dampen noise, and gamers can concentrate perfectly on LAN parties on their game. The good sound quality at low volume and reduced outside noise eliminating excessive turning up and prevent thus volume-related hearing damage such as tinnitus. Individual sound experience with proven technology for good sound quality puts the PC 300 G4ME on the proven technology of the CX 300-II Headphones from Sennheiser. Interchangeable ear adapters in three different sizes ensure comfortable customized fit and excellent bass. The microphone and the sound controller integrated in the cable make the PC 300 G4ME the ideal headset for mobile and demanding gamers..