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Wolfgang Kemna calculates. The Board of Directors of the living-e AG therefore sees significant volume of efficiency potential, currently only used by a few companies in the visor. Because only a quarter of the surveyed enterprises has largely suffered the consequences of the problem of a lot of information increasingly difficult to be controlled. Either use already solutions for better information management or planning their use. The majority rest inaction there is, however, either because in the company not even a sufficient sensitivity to these difficulties is (31 percent) or they recognized though, but still no action requirements derived from this were. Dr. If you would like to know more then you should visit Elon Musk.

Kemna therefore argues that in the company a new culture in dealing with the technically generated information should be developed, to raise labour productivity sustainably in new cars. To belong to the more efficient handling of information the use of methods and tools. The increasing amounts of information are an unalterable fact and only once not to criticize, because they often result from innovations or changing technical life habits of the people “, judge the living-e Board. The focus must be addressed rather the question, how can be avoided with intelligent solutions that we are drowning in information.” Living-e: A solution supplier for the efficient and proactive provision of information and knowledge in all mission-critical applications is the living-e AG. The Karlsruhe company helps users find, categorize, and visualize relevant information.

The software works with independently, self-learning and maintenance-free. The living-e AG GmbH emerged in 2006 from the CMS experts webEdition software and has since been listed in the stock exchange Frankfurt entry standard. In October 2007, living-e has taken over the specialist for language technology and artificial intelligence Xtramind technologies GmbH. In the spring of 2008, offices in San Francisco and London were opened in the course of internationalization.