Russian Federation

In this situation continues the scientific search for explanations of what is happening at the federal and regional level events. Readings dedicated AS Yashchenko – an attempt of the scientific community of the South of Russia not only pay tribute to the unfairly forgotten in the history of a bright and talented person, but an effort to recognize his scientific legacy, which can be defined the theoretical basis of the pressing issues of Russian statehood. So far, none Russian scientist has not made more than Yashchenko contribution to the theory of federalism. If we assume that one of the founding fathers of the modern Russian state, such as R. Abdulatipov or multiple graduate students still read his fundamental work "The Theory of Federalism," we are dealing with a mildly historical and scientific fraud findings Yashchenko. No ideas, AS Yashchenko and in the anthology "Legal Thought", which appeared in 2003 year. I did not notice the main reasons Yashchenko and graduate of Moscow State University E. Kochetkov, in his article "Federalism in the Russian Empire: The Idea and Practice" in the magazine "Herald of the Russian nation ( 2 in 2009), as did the finding that the vast most of the ideas of Russian thinkers were converted to create a federation of Slavic nations and peoples.

Maybe he did, but these findings have not been editor of one of the founders of the magazine – Academician V. Tishkov, who gave a definition of Russian statehood, "Russia – a nation-state with a multi-ethnic Russian nation, which was based on Russian culture and language, which includes representatives of other Russian nations (peoples). " But this is absurd! There is a culture, a language, but not their support. And when the support of Russian culture and language went into a concrete image of a Russian teacher from the mountainous regions of Dagestan, multilingual, the individual villages suddenly found that in the literal sense of not understanding each other. In spite of the doctrine of Caucasian civilization. I do not want followers Tishkov and notice that the name of the country, "Russian Federation" is translated from English as a "Russian Federation", because the word "Rashn" is translated only as "Russian." Assuming the adrenaline rush of critics of "imperial thinking," I want to draw their attention to the forgotten fact of history. Recently became known text of the speech delivered by AS Yashchenko in 1911 at the World Congress of the races in London. Honor to represent Russia at the congress, attended by more than three thousand people, Yashchenko shared with Tolstoy.

Here's a quote: "The global revolution in Each year brings more and more people and nations. Miscegenation is inevitable, whether we like it or not, but we must take all measures to this confusion was the most painless … In the great struggle between east and west to the genius Russia, apparently, fell the role of peacemaker, the executor of the higher synthesis … All the pain, the painful disorder, disorganization, and persistent attempts, which is full of life of Russian people, as well as its achievements and approval achieved positions are the results of a middle position of Russia. " Yashchenko not use the term "human rights", but, honestly, in the "humanitarianism" is not inferior to modern human rights defenders. One can agree or not disagree with the conclusions of A. Yashchenko, but conceal, distort or interpret them for the sake of political expediency has no rights. That same law, the existence of which in his philosophical views, AS Yashchenko not thought without morals.