Rental Resources

The value of the ideas of entrepreneurs. Joining forces to support innovation. Create or friendly environments and additional rent (as temporary offices into lofts) an option for companies and entrepreneurs who live crisis is not a new development in advanced societies. Economic cycles have been, are and will be a reality with which we must live. It is a price for progress.

The story reminds us to do so. In these difficult times, but experts nuance these "black bumps" and get "benefits" and "opportunities" of the crisis. One is to flourish and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs that were it not for these turbulent times may NEVER would have decided to step forward with their breakthrough ideas. In this sense, March 8, 2010 from Brussels establishing a European-level commitment to provide funding for all new projects involving new to the industry in all its facets and are an engine for job creation. If the idea is viable provided the means to create the infrastructure, purchase or rent equipment, offices and even recruitment. All these projects require an innovative idea, courage on the part of whoever promotes, an action plan and have those elements provided for essential needs in the new project, even if those means do not add value in the strict sense. The new projects require "resource points", material, professional, space, and offices. in developing the plan development and implementation, that after these steps are not necessary for the future. One obstacle is often the first investment by entrepreneurs in their offices or business needs to expand its facilities.