Realism Memories

Criticizes it is it of the man. It is the art that in the dot the nossospropios eyes – it stops knowing in them, so that let us know if we are true oufalsos, to condemn what it will have of bad in our society. (QUEIRZ apudPROENA SON. 2007). The Realism reflects deep transformations, politics, social economic and cultural, coming close to on European ideas aoPositivismo, to the Evolucionismo and, mainly, the German Philosophy, ideas they queencontraram resonance at the conturbado historical moment that Brazil lived, eats intensification of the referring to abolitionism campaigns, the entresoutros War of Paraguay events. The Realism is characterized for presenting the truth, searching this truth through faithful pictures of the personages, the motivoshumanos, dominates the actions in a relation with the Determinismo, the Realism Memories of a sergeant of military services and criticizes it Memories of a sergeant of military services, for Sodr (1976p. 227) ‘ ‘ he is one of the romances more divulged and less understood of nossahistoria’ ‘. A shunting line in the history of the romancesromnticos can be considered, presenting composicionais aspects differ that it from qualqueroutro of the time.

For Sodr: What it differentiates is the intention absence. When writing oscaptulos of the Memories, Manuel Antonio de Almeida does not have literary nenhumapretenso e, therefore, debtor does not judge itself to submit seuprocesso of creation to the rules> literary. (SODR. 1976 p.229) As for the literary formation, for Bosi (1994.p.132), ' ' the workmanship of Almeida would be a historical chronicle, whose autorse amused in resenhar andanas of umo qualunqu' '. Second (MONTELLO, 2004. A related site: Prudential mentions similar findings. p.351), ' ' if it has in Brazilian literature novelapicaresca example, we will identify it certainly in the Memories of a sergeant demilcias' '. According to it, this classification if not to give only nacomparao of the hero of Almeida with attitudes of social insubordination of pcaroespanhol, but in as much others approach that it to the picaresca novel: In the first one I capitulate of the Estebanillo Gonzalez, in quese ' ' of the cuenta of su birth, studio y travessuras' ' the hero, after having been surrado for the father, is taken by this for the house of a friend, profession barber.