Range Of Interests

Simply becomes a different range of interests and views of others, and the old environment will try to impose on you their views. Your poor friend will say that the rich are all scum, but to you it’s not true! But once you want to earn a lot, you are fond of the process and forget about the poor friends, and become a well-bastard! Which has found its destiny girl, much more interesting to spend time with her lover than with her friends. More info: Dan Zwirn. With their eternal – “guys, all the rams” Of course, her man is not so, but it is much more interesting and enjoyable in all respects! Therefore, friends are gone, and the offense! And this is also mixed with envy. Always remember that if you decide to change your life, change is inevitable and your surroundings! And the other side of this issue: change your surroundings and Your life will change! Thus, we have the right to self control who and how to influence our lives. And this is the first way to achieve your goals! What happens! In my business people come in, aimed to change your life for the better, become richer, to be able to travel, eventually become financially independent. And once they take such a decision there and then they brought down the flow: ‘this scam! This is not working! And here at great-uncle, my second wife was so ‘In this case, so people say, nothing themselves have achieved, not again the successful almost anything, and even more so in the business! That is, people evaluate new opportunities on the basis of his old experience! A what is it that experience? Human experience – it’s glasses through which he sees the world and accordingly concludes! Before you listen to the advice of a person see what it “points”! If you want to be richer, interact with people slightly richer than you, get in their circle, get one of them dating, meet with their friends. Importantly, do not treat people that were in your circle before with arrogance, they have the right to decide for themselves what they have, just like you. And the fact that you have chosen to go higher, yet does not mean that you are better than them! Just your paths diverge. Conclusion: One of the steps towards your goal is the selection and formation of an environment that corresponds to your new state. You can not go into a new quality and continue to live as you live! It must listen to the advice of just those people who have achieved success in your desired direction, rather than those who are now located next to you and to This did not come! In other words, it is impossible to become a millionaire consulting with the poor, and to stay in the circle of the poor. Not teshte illusions!