Powerball Lottery

The chances of winning more money with this lottery were increased from the year 2001, that was added a new feature, called the Power Play, and consists in that if proves to be winner of any category of prizes (except the jackpot), the total amount would increase considerably, so the second prize, instead of being only $200,000, will be $ 1 million. The jackpot by standard will be a minimum amount of $ 20 million, and accumulates each week if nobody hits the winning combination it completes. The expected the Powerball drawings are made twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and are broadcast live from the studios of Universal in Orlando, Florida State. Those lucky ones who win the maximum Prize, will have to decide if you want the prize in a single payment, or if they prefer equivalent annual payments over 30 years. A difficult decision, no doubt.

The unclaimed prize money is delivered to the participating States. The history of the biscuits Chinas of the luck in the spring of 2005, the draw of the Powerball had its own ration of controversy. It turned out that 110 people were able to guess the winning combination for the jackpot. To share after tax total was almost $ 20 million. The Powerball Lottery administrators suspected from the outset that there could be trap, since 110 first category winners was too much coincidence. Their investigations led them to determine that all of them were wearing numbers that had appeared them within some Chinese lucky cookies made by Wonton Food Inc. In what was a huge (and unique) coincidence, thousands of these crackers wore the winning combination of the Powerball lottery! Great prizes of the Powerball from among all the numerous awards that has delivered the lottery Powerball, delivered maximum was in 2005, in the State of Oregon. There a family from Jacksonville won the jackpot of nothing more and no less than 340 million dollars! Three years earlier, another big jackpot was to fall into the State of West Virginia, the figure amounted to more than 313 million dollars.