Origin Of Knowledge

However, the Satan were in the serpent, then the Evil already existed and in such a way this is truth that God created the first law: ' ' of all tree of the garden you will eat freely, but of the tree of the knowledge of the good and the evil you will not eat ' ' (Gn 2:16 – 17). If it had law was because already it had the evil (trespass), therefore: ' ' where it does not have law, also &#039 does not have trespass; ' (Rm 4:15); ' ' for the law it comes the full knowledge of pecado' ' (Rm 3:20). It is known, therefore, that the Evil already existed in the paradise before exactly of Adam and Eva to have sin, but the question that bases this study is: ' ' How appeared the Evil? ' '. Necessarily when a knowledge searchs on origin of the evil, it searchs, also, the knowledge on the origin of its representative greater: The Satan (Devil). To know more about this subject visit Prudential. In the next pages we go to discourse one deepened study Biblical the search of evidences that can base all this estria of one day the Satan to have been Lucifer, an angel who wanted to be more powerful than God, and that it initiated a fight in the Sky, in which was defeated and launched the Land and tries in them until today. After this study we will discover that everything this does not pass of a legend caused for a maken a mistake interpretation of the studious readers and of the bible. 2? The ESTRIA OF the ORIGIN DE the SATAN During all my life, until today, I hear the estria of that God had an angel, that he was most beautiful, called Lucifer who, because of its formosura, found that he could be more powerful than God. However, when God perceived the iniquity in the heart of Lucifer, this was banishes from the Sky, after a great battle, and launched the Land; Lucifer passed if to call the Satan Many people believe and defend this estria as true, great also studious, as the author of the book ' ' Patriarcas and Profetas' ' , they create estrias fantasiosas, unprovided of any Biblical basement.