Office States

Friction problems: in and during the conduct of the administrative audit, the auditor will need to confront Executive behavior problems. Such difficulties they can recognize its origin in biases, prejudices and jealousy. At the different levels of administration there will be conflicts and frictions resulting from preferences, flattery, and so on. The heads of Department compete or tend to want to win the preferences of the Director of the company. When there are human problems between subordinates and superiors, the performance in the work goes very low quality. Problems arising from doing too much and too soon: A very common and common problem found in enterprises during the conduct of an audit administrative is that in businesses, industries, Government and institutions in general, is that people often wait too long and making the big changes too soon.

They expect that some work is carried out with great speed, being that it does not can materially be conducted within the prescribed period or in the stipulated conditions. Below I will describe some situations or examples of tasks that are usually awarded for fast execution: a.-prepare and recommend a program to get an immediate decrease in costs of operation, in sufficient quantity to compensate for the difference in a reduced budget item that becomes effective the first of the following month. (b) assisting the establishment of a program that haul the prompt conversion of conventional tab team one electronic, high speed, regardless of the overall situation of the methods and procedures in force. c submit the audit report to over take next Saturday, which already contain the recommendations of the auditor, resulting a total evaluation of the approximately four hundred employees working. d without a detailed prior study, present successful methods that are useful for deciding and taking subsequent action soon enough to ensure the success of elaborate programmes. search in the archives of the Office States, letters and other documents wherever they appear political and with this information gathered, preparing manuals will be distributed promptly to the executives.