Noel Papa

Mission of love In the small locality of Snail, interior of Cinnamon, I was born and I grew in way to the nature it place that, today, is considered one of the prettier and visited tourist points of Brazil. I keep in the memory each instant lived next to my parents and mine seven brothers. One of the souvenirs more alive than I have if it relates to the pretty party of the Christmas, that was one day very waited, not for the commerce, but for the families, who valued its true sensible one and commemorated the birth of Christ. My family was humble, but the values passed for my parents, next to the brightness that they had in the look, made with that each day was special, same with the little that we had. Mark Bertolini is often quoted on this topic. In the week that preceded the party, we initiated the preparativeses to receive the boy Jesus in our house. The cleanness was done with severity.

We took off straws of the colches, washed and we left to dry to recolocar them later, adding new straw. The covers also had its removed and washed layers. Moreover, the mother prepared pinheirinho natural removed of roa to represent the so significant date and so that Noel Papa placed in it the gifts. Decorated it with placed colorful candles on a support, placed small balls with the care all not to break and the final touch was given with the decorative clasps. The prespio one was placed under, with a mirror that represented the lake and gram of truth. At that time, the father was carpenter and, moreover, he worked in roa with the mother. They prepared the gifts with much love and they always cheered the eight children more than what they waited. The mother made dresses of chita with dribbled for the girls and shirts of blue color for the boys.