Netbook Samsung NC

The company has acquired a logo that is still recognizable in any country – the blue oval with the inscribed name. Sleek design and, possibly, immersed in a deep philosophical basis did the trick. By the way, meaning it is commonly interpreted as "an elliptical form of the logo symbolizes the world movement in space, expressing the idea of constant renewal and improvement ". Previously, the logo of Samsung attended 3 stars. Actually, the name is translated – '3 Star '- apparently in honor of his three sons Li.Netbuki Samsung. Buy or pass? Samsung has gone through decades of rice gave the fruits of all sorts of areas – that electronics and home appliances, heavy and chemical industries, finance and insurance.

That Samsung has built the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa in the UAE. And note the year 2008 was marked by the arrival of Samsung's netbook market. These guys knew what they were doing – they had a 'mini'-experience. After all, even in 2006 they released the first in its class Q1 Ultra Mobile PC – in fact it was a 7-inch tablet PC. Perhaps, then, Samsung hurry, because the mass recognition device has received. But experience is the experience, and innovation – it is always a tool for creating new innovations. And now they are one after the other notebooks, whose popularity with No problem. The first opportunity to buy Samsung netbook appeared in the world in the year 2008 – it was a Netbook Samsung NC10.

It was equipped with everything necessary for that day for a netbook processor Atom n270, memory from 512MB to 1GB, Hard Drive 80-160GB. Distinctive feature of any netbook, Samsung is the case. First, it is strong. The Samsung model, some like to call their netbooks 'sport'. Obviously, it is because of the different characteristics of the material and the rounded design. You look at any Netbook Samsung – and see the whole. Unified and unbreakable. In this case, it is elegant – Samsung notebooks are available in different colors and all you can find some interesting design decision. This is a beautiful strip, which can be seen on any netbook Samsung n150, or the beautiful curves like Samsung NF110. Buy Samsung netbook today – it's not just a trade-off is a real opportunity to get quality, reliability and brand. The latter is almost a bonus besplatno.Povernutye in the future. Whether it be TV or DVD player, stereo systems and mobile phones, laptops or notebooks – Samsung does not do anything just to simply occupy a niche, no. In all have their vision, commitment make the world a better innovation. To date, Samsung is the brand with the highest customer loyalty. And as such he is recognized as early as the 8th time. Samsung – one of the most environmentally responsible companies in the world. Laptop Samsung first received a certificate of environmental safety TCO 3.0. In 2009, the company is recognized as a digital number 1 brand in the world. Today, Samsung is actively conquers its rivals in the netbook market. In 1938 they released the excellent rice flour. In 2008, began to produce excellent notebooks. Perhaps there are reasons to think about to buy a notebook of this brand.