National Health

The pregnancy and the childbirth are social events that integrate the reproductive experience of men and women. This is a singular process, a special experience in the universe of the woman and its partner, that also involves its families and the community. The gestation, childbirth and puerprio constitute an experience human being of most significant, with positive and enriquecedora potential fort for that of it they participate (BRAZIL, 2001). The propagandas on humanizao are distributed in posters, banners, folders in some units of health, however the practical one in itself, are not exerted, due to human resources, thus identifying to a negligent management and little observing. The relation between nurse-patient can be initiated in spontaneous way, but it is not only established for the language, but for one set of affective attitudes and techniques that give to the support the actions of the nursing. All interpersonal relationship humanist consists of the act to attend the human being, in the being vital process, helping it to come close it to its proper unicity and singularity (RIBEIRO; FIGUERATO, 2003). 2-REVISION OF LITERATURE the goals of the Pact for the Life for 2008 had been published in Portaria GM 325/08, of the Health department, and approved in Comisso Intergestores Tripartite (CIT), integrated for managers of the SUS of the three spheres of government. Each state dialogued with its cities and evaluated the capacity to answer to the national goals proposals, in accordance with the characteristics of the capacity of its systems of health (OMS, 2006).

Under the point of view of the user, it does not have claim how much to an eventual lack of technological knowledge in its attendance, but lack of interest and responsabilizao of the different services to its person and its problem in particular. The patients would feel themselves unsafe, uninformed, abandoned, forsaken, disrespected, rejected (MERHY, 2002). The implantation of the systems allows the standardization of data, what it makes possible to observe profiles of the illnesses and to compare the information in the national scope and with other countries.