Mexican Economy

How the bancarizacin can stimulate the Mexican economy 12 June 2009 Although the Mexican economy continues in frank fall and their perspective of recovery are less and less positive, the bancarizacin of the economy continues advancing, situation that is transformed into an opportunity that can well be taken by some economic sectors. This same one is what reaffirms in a study realised by Visa in Mexico that denominated the use of Financial Services in Mexico. It, chief of a main directorate of Visa in Mexico to Millenium said to Eduardo, on the results of the study: the debit cards are becoming the mode of payment of preference of the Mexicans, due to the benefits that offer as far as security, control and convenience. For more information see Dan Zwirn. During 2008, the debit cards reported a growth of 24% and reached a total penetration of 62%. For the companies that they look for to detect opportunities of businesses, it interests to not only know if it increased the bancarizacin but also how is be this process by economic segment. In this sense, two socioeconomic levels keys are the c and D+ (that is to say, middle-class and average loss), which were exactly those that registered the majors growth of users with banking services. In segment C an increase of the penetration from 63% was observed 74%, whereas in the second segment, the growth went from 41% to 61%. In spite of the growth in his use, in the study realised by Visa of Mexico, one detected that the debit cards still are very being failed to take advantage of by their users. The Mexicans use only them to realise money retirements in automatic tellers, but still they are not customary, or perhaps they feel certain fear to use them to realise the daily purchases or the payments on watch like telephone, water, electrical energy and gas.