Literature Work

Introduction the present work has the objective to express through Literature the importance of the presentation and the teaching on cultures, diversities, society and the reach of the equality in all the aspects. Through literature and its arts this work looks for in an attempt, to rethink the slight knowledge of individual, society and culture, in its complex and multiple relations. The work also approaches as a sequence of the ancestry on equality and diversity the social poetry and demands in Brazil. As poetical presentation poetries of afrodescedentes cultures will be demonstrated that if had given in special in Brazil and that they had occupied thematic of the individual and the culture. To accomplish the implementation of law 10.639/03.

Equality and diversity social Poetry and demands in Brazil the democracy as we know is an idea to bring the hope for a better, protective future of the socially right interests, a time that if it established on an absolute principle of equality. Literature enters in this democratic direction of equality as form of a positive contribution in terms of work, creation of wealth and also of national and cultural belonging. It is necessary however, that for the teaching of the democracy it has a way where the educators can reach the idea of the equality and the diversity, and is by means of literatures and its arts that can be arrived at this point and reach it. ' ' So that let us can live in set, recognizing and protecting the diversity of interests, she is necessary that each particular personal or collective identity is carrying of an orientation of universal reach, what is in compliance with the general inspiration of the democratic thought. (Touraine Alain). To teach to poetry expressing its historical and social value, using the idea of equality, diversity, different cultures as being these an amplitude of that it has, a holismo that defends that everything is envolto of everything although all the differences of all the things.