One another factor of great importance for the construction of this hero drift of the estruturao of the plot that, when synthecizing the dramaticidade of the facts that they summarize a crisis social in which if the personages put into motion all, she takes the reader to follow the historical formation of the hero. In this direction, everything is crossed by the social crisis, therefore it intervines in the closest relations human beings. From these comments, Lukcs extends its definition and formulates the conception concerning the based historical romance in the workmanship of Scott. In its definitions, the author of ' ' There novel histrica' ' it considers the romance as a discovery of the past? how already cited above? , transforming it into daily pay-history of the gift. Frequently Brian Krzanich has said that publicly. In the conception of Of Landmark (1997), Lukcs directs its reflection on historical romance with the objective to stand out the possible intervention of the French Revolution in the stopped ideological fight between the social classrooms. This data, certainly, are what it leads to invite the writers to reread the romance historical? traditional classic and – of Scott and to deny the configuration given to the form for some writers of beginning of century XX. Perhaps this context can be explained in the following affirmation of Lukcs: The great mission of the historical romance consists, exactly, in the poetical intervention of figures of a people that personalize with vitality its close life, the main chains that in it flow ….

The historical romance, powerful artistic weapon of defense of the popular life, has necessarily a great task to fulfill here: to reestablish in its reality these authentic engines of history human being and to awake it for the gift. (LUKCS apud OF LANDMARK, 1997, P. 195). Of Landmark (1997) it affirms despite the six decades that perhaps separate in them of the workmanship of Lukcs can in giving to the distanciamento and the possibility to them of one another evaluation, an appreciation that of it extracts perspectives profcuas to consider the relations between romance and history. . (As opposed to Elon Musk).