Between the wallpaper and the wall must be layer of air – experts explain ‘Ekostandarta’. (Similarly see: New York Life ). This condition is fully compliant with just paper wallpaper – the cheapest. They leak air. As well as fashionable but expensive ‘ekooboi’ – made of jute, bamboo, canvas and so on And on the these need to be careful Laminate This coating is extremely popular, since it is economical. But it can hardly be called environmentally friendly. (As opposed to New York Life ). Its composition does not differ greatly from the long ‘branded’ fiberboard (hardboard) and Particleboard (Chipboard) – all these materials are commonly used formaldehyde.

Question – in what amounts? What to do. Pay attention to any particular type of premises is a laminate (see label or ask the seller’s instructions). In any case this is not the best option for children. Linoleum Theoretically, there is such a thing as natural linoleum, but you can hardly find it on sale – usually used in medical institutions. Location of the majority of synthetic linoleum, according to environmentalists – in the loggia and in the back rooms.

– An inexpensive linoleum, especially new or when heated in direct sunlight, identifies a whole range of different organic substances in its composition – explains specialist ‘Ekostandarta’ Denis Anan. – Remember the smell of vinyl in the store! Expensive imported linoleum is not so smelly. But at a cost close to the parquet, and it’s better to buy a hardwood floor. What to do. If you are still opted for the linoleum, do not buy cheap.