ITB Berlin

Vacation in Germany: diverse and varied as some Europe trip never was he so important as it is today, as cheap as they are today, so easy to book as it is today – and most importantly: as varied as it is today. The holiday is one of the main concerns of the Germans, and rising. Anyone looking for special conditions, such as family-friendly offerings on seniors hotels tailored to, or handicapped-accessible houses, has the large selection by clicking. And easier manages the holiday search with the \”mobile Web\”, the Internet via mobile phone. At the ITB Berlin 2010 was dedicated to an exhibition area with presentations of tourism and mobility industries for the \”mobile travel services\” for the first time. Active holidays is, as in the previous year, a strong trend for travelers of all ages: cycling and mountain biking, hiking and Nordic walking are offered particularly in European destinations and tourism associations in a wide range.

Alone tours of the cycle path networks in Germany and the European cycling routes range several times around the globe. Sport and Leisure activities are offered in all variations for each season. Whether sailing or diving, rock climbing, mountain biking, walking or hiking – the range is huge. Winter sports are there in every German holiday region, and at the highest level. Enjoy & relax is a popular term and not only for the Rockies applicable, because just in the area it is worth in any case to check holiday offers in the country.

Whether you now want extreme climbing, horseback riding, biking or hiking – galore for every taste and requirement there are and suggestions. The Republic is criss-crossed by hiking – and cycling routes, and you must not long seek offers for the latest and trendiest sports on water, on land or in the air. Due to the excellent natural ratio in Germany, there are numerous nature reserves and parks, providing special holidays with unique discovery tours.