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Catalogue of companies and enterprises of Ukraine: it increases its popularity What are directories of companies and enterprises, companies, organizations? Originally created directories to the user able to find in the Internet the information. The essence of the idea of these directories was simple: put on the website of links to various resources and distribute them on the headings. That is, the user moves from category to category and looking for the information he needs. These same goals were pursued and directories businesses and organizations. Placement firms in such directories makes it possible not only to declare itself the world, but also gives the user a chance to find exactly the company that he needs. For convenience, each accompanied by a description of the allocation of resources, from which the visitor can understand the nature and scope of the firm. The first general catalogs and directories of companies and enterprises were filled by hand to owners.

That is, the site administrators themselves looking for interesting resources and independently added to their catalog, accompanying his own description. But as time went on, directories are becoming increasingly popular. And as a result – now in most catalogs companies owner of the site adds a link to the resource itself, and he wrote an interesting and concise description. Directories of companies and enterprises of Ukraine today Today, as general directories, and directories of companies, organizations and enterprises in Ukraine is as follows: a site owner wishing to register by filling a special form and applies for registration.