Hlderlin Heidegger

As the writer Pink Guimares Joo teaches, (…) beyond the liquid and solid states, because not to try to work the language in gaseous state! (apud Wilma Pink Guimares, 1999:378). To give the due attention what the essence of the language wants saying in them is to establish one walked in the direction of desautomatizar our thought, is to awake of the torpor that the mentally ill and alienator reality provokes in our existence. Ebay brings even more insight to the discussion. According to Heidegger (2002), our daily one in them imposes a encantatria domination that obnubila our vision for the essential of the life and, that, for in such a way, it is necessary> poeticalally the man inhabits hlderliniano. He is exactly in the language that Heidegger sees the fetters of the existencial entorpecimento of the human being if to accomplish, through the repeatability and of the automatization of the same one. What it goes to search, from the poetical one of Hlderlin, is to desenraizar> First, have my method that implies in the use of each word as if it was finished to be born, to clean it of the impurities of the language daily and reduziz it its original direction (In: Lorenz, 1973:338). It is not, however, through one to hear racionalizante that, according to Heidegger, we will reach, for I appeal the language, the essence of the same one.

One is not here about the establishment of an imposition of second order, stipulated for the concepts and the scientific analyses, but a first-class relation, gone to the meeting of the language and its irruptivo I appeal. Rose places this question in the following terms, All end is accurate. What people have to learn are, at every moment, to sharpen itself with one linhazinha, to fit to pass in the puncture> I appeal the heideggeriano language. Of a language that stimulates in them for a perception of the reality that is stops beyond that enchantment that in entorpece and paralyzes.