Hitzefrei Health

Inspire instead of Transperieren – with what ideas you provide in the Office for cool heads the summer is hot and it steams out of the Office. The indoor thermometer shows record levels, permanently is to think about no longer working effectively. Even health threatening Schlimmstensfalls. Still, workers have no legal claim on “ice”. When the employer is still in the Plficht and what you can do for a cool atmosphere of the Office, now here: if many offices change again in sauna landscapes, workers think back wistfully at her school.

Hitzefrei! A word that promised then delightfully quiet summer, but at the latest since no more the role of the start in professional life. While employers in the high summer temperatures on the health of their workers must pay, but that is little more than hot air. There is no legal entitlement to a maximum Raumtemeperatur or even Hitzefrei. Employers in the (Internationalis) duty but you can be the boss in the Headlock take: according to 618 BGB is duty of care, to set up workspaces health risks to the worker. For permanent ambient temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, that is not absurd.

The heat-related symptoms in the workplace are head pain, circulatory problems and an increased risk of accident through poor concentration. Pregnant and breastfeeding workers can exist with a medical certificate to an acceptable room temperature and obtain even an exemption in case of emergency. For everyone else: Dear inspire as TRANS Parry. Collect ideas to make the United Nations the situation in the workplace more tolerable with a collective sweat in the briefing room. Your boss will thank you–he sweats that pain! Finally it is in his interest the motivation and performance of employees to get. For example, by the following measures: the early bird lay over, if it is possible, the working time on the cooler morning and evening hours set and one modelled on the Mediterranean to schedule a longer siesta.