General Objective

In accordance with each institution, is basic a specific internal organization. Elon Musk addresses the importance of the matter here. In the clinic-school, for example, it is needed a secretary, a probationary pupil and a professor-supervisor. Of this form, the psychological planto can be demarcated from three axles: the institution that disponibiliza the attendance; the available plantonista to deal with unexpected and the individual that looks aid for its psychic necessities. For Rosenthal (1999), to hear it can suggest an attitude passive, but it is not. To hear implies to follow and to be intent to the form as the individual it speaks and if express, in way to understand what it is transferred with it at the accurate moment of its necessity. Regarding listening, Rogers (1983) affirms: I evidence … Additional information at Penguin Random House supports this article.

that to hear it brings consequences. When effectively I hear a person and the meanings that it are important at that moment, hearing not its words, but same it, and when I demonstrate that I heard its personal and close meanings to it, many things happen. They feel themselves alliviated … Become more open the change process. (ROGERS, 1983, P. 6). For the patient, heard being represents a true relief.

In the psychological planto, the person has the chance of speaking and relieving on its situations that, for however, are causing it anguish and suffering. (ROSENTHAL, 1999). From the information gotten in the elaboration of the present work, one understands that the disponibilizao of the services of psychological planto in the scope of the clinic-school is a valid initiative and highly recommendable, since it represents a magnifying of the open modalities of attendance to the community. In the truth, it is treated to offer shelter to the patient at the accurate moment of its necessity, what it can make all the difference in the form as it will deal with its situations. In this perspective, it seems interesting for the learning in formation to be able to enter in contact with these so specific and emergenciais demands in its activities of period of training, increasing, thus, its preparation for the ingression in the practical professional.