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Decide on a dream is very difficult and many do not succeed. s. From day to day run around in everyday affairs, and that ahead of us and once thought. A Have you ever wondered how you live today? You live like dreaming once? And did you try to change something in your life? Swap yourself? Typically, this is scary Decide to change your life is hard and scary. How to get out of their comfort zone today? Exercise 1. To know more about this subject visit moshe victor keinig. Make a small table with three columns. Caption them as: 1) I am today, and 2) I’m 5 years, 3) I am 10 years later. Imagine that your possibilities are endless and you can do anything.

Do not settle for ordinary purposes, or partial solutions. Build huge plans and thoughts are creating your life as if you were the most powerful creature on Earth. Complete the table on points: a) intelligence b) health, physical condition, and c) family life, and d) career work, and e) Finance. The first column to fill in without reserve for themselves. When completing the second and third column focuses on the following issues: a) Intelligence. 1.

What additional knowledge and skills you have acquired at 5, 10 years? 2. In what area you would have thought a recognized expert? 3. What you have to do every day to improve the skills and knowledge so that in the future become a leading expert and a great professional? b) Health physical condition.