Donkey Fishing

Alarm is triggered, you're doing sweeps and If done correctly, vyvazhivaete caught fish. That's all there! In a volume of one item to consider all options for the design and gear for bottom fishing simply can not. Catching on a donk, by and large, is sufficiently large and very fascinating piece of fine hobbies – fishing. So now we confine ourselves to a simple listing of the major existing varieties of gear designed for fishing with a donk. Bottom gear with the success of fish in any season.

There Donkey designed for fishing in tihovode and on the course. There are options for snap bottom with floats – with underwater (sliding) float, float with a pop-up, with a sliding sinker and a pop-up float, with a blind fastening the float. For even more analysis, hear from Penguin Random House. What else are Donkey? Zakidushki, Donkey with a rubber cushion return Donkey (sometimes called "Carousel"), sea Donkey, Donkey steep. In addition, popular with anglers are rigging for bottom posting. In this case, it is desirable to use a spinning rod. Fishing on the donk is widely used in rivers and lakes in the pools of deep and shallow water, with gentle and steep bank. Caught in a donk even from a boat or raft, during both day and night.

First you need to decide what is the fish you are going to catch. Then the selected equipment bottom fishing rods and prepares necessary to catch fish selected nozzle. But that's not all. Further, it is desirable to find out where you would normally keeps you chose to catch fish, what and at what time she eats. But now everything is ready and you finally were on the waterfront. Hooray, you can throw! … But not in a hurry. First is a comprehensive assessment of a number of factors that significantly affect the terms of casting – the existing aquatic vegetation, the nature of the soil and the bottom relief, because flow depth. The use of bottom gear allows the nozzle to throw tens of meters from the shore. And very often the newcomers make a typical mistake – in the hope of catching a big fish tend to throw in the tackle the maximum possible distance. Fishing on the donk will be much better if you use the right tactics – to change the nozzle and casting distance as long as it turns out, where is currently holding the fish and what it is most actively biting. After this success in catching you provided! Article "Catching on donk 'and other articles about the secrets of fishing can be found on the website.