Cubic Content

The calculation of cubic capacity edged board made according to the geometric formulas, manually or using kubaturnik. If you would like to know more about Mark Bertolini, then click here. And how to calculate the cubic content of logs? The conventional wisdom is that the cubic content of logs can be found with applying the coefficients to convert into a dense measure, but it is wrong. In this case, each log is measured and the thickness of the upper end (with a smaller diameter) and length of a log is determined by its cubic capacity. Round wood table, where given the volume of logs of various diameters and lengths called kubaturnik. Typically used kubaturnik forests of gost 2708-75 and iso 4480-83. You are measures the diameter of the upper end of the logs and look at the table, its volume. Adding the volumes of all logs You will receive a total cubic content of the forest.

Facilitate and accelerate this work will help the program kubaturnik. The program includes kubaturnik wood according to gost 2708-75 and iso 4480-83, kubaturnik board, determine the number of boards in one cubic meter. Together with the program Provides a table. Cubic content of logs is calculated based on the standard formula for calculating the volume of a cylinder: the diameter of logs is divided by two and squared, then multiplied by the number of pi and the length of the logs. For convenience, the program kubaturnik a new mechanism for calculating the cubic content of logs.